Fashion Tip – Specsy is the New Style Statement

In recent times, you must have surely heard a trending slang word ‘specsy’. Since glasses have become more stylish and smarter than ever, this new word added to the urban dictionary makes completely justice. Picking the right pair of glasses is now not just a matter of correcting vision but it is also considered to be a fashion accessory that defines how you look.

This era has introduced some really attention-grabbing spectacles, especially if you are an online shopper, you can discover great line up of glasses online of varied colours, shapes and materials, and sizes. Though the choices are unlimited, not every glass style will enhance your look and personality.

Choosing glasses is not rocket science but you need to consider certain factors to make sure it turns out to be a ravishing fashion accessory that glams up your look.

Here are some tips to pull off with glasses:

What’s in the shape?

If glasses are just a vision correction device for you, then what’s in the shape, you can choose anything. But if you want to enhance your look (of course along with your vision) wearing glasses then predominantly pay attention to your face shape. Not every frame shape will suit your face shape, only if you are lucky enough to have an oval face.

If you wish to accentuate your facial look with glasses then follow the golden rule – ‘Opposites attract’, to be more precise choose glasses that contrast to your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, go for glasses with sharp edges like square, wayfarer or rectangle whereas if your face shape is diamond or heart go for glasses with softer or no angles like round or cat eyes.

Colour, colour which colour?

Every colour has a personality of its own. It’s the frame colour that differentiates your professional and casual look. Wearing a funky purple or fluorescent coloured glasses for an office meeting can turn out to be a blunder whereas wearing black metal frames on a vacay with BFFs might make you look super boring. So choose the colour wisely.

Generally, shades of blacks, browns, silver, gold, are good for enhancing your professional look and if you want to look quirky with your casuals then vibrant coloured frames, tortoiseshell , animal or floral printed frames are best options.

Glasses that go with your outfit

Changing glasses like your outfit is not literally possible, but if it’s a special occasion then why not coordinate glasses with your outfit? Does wearing glasses on special occasions sound like fashion turn-off? You’re wrong.

The modern-age glasses are not bland but beautiful. They can perfectly complement your outfit and transform your look. You just have to pick glasses that blend with your outfit. You can check out fashion blogs or videos on Instagram, Facebook or any fashion website that will give you fantastic style tips and ideas.

Specsy is surely the new style-statement that is worth experimenting with. For both men and women, glasses can be a great addition to your fashion wardrobe, so choose wisely and fashionably and redefine your look.

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