Fashion Pieces That You Will Want to Bring on Vacation

If you’re ready to enjoy the sun and sand, it’s time to update your summer vacation wardrobe. You will want pieces you can layer as the sun goes down and items that will let the breeze blow through during the hottest part of the day. Comfortable, cool clothing with a bit of sun protection are key.

From the Top Down

Treat yourself to a straw hat with some flexibility that you can easily put in your suitcase without damaging it. A fringe border may be a bit messy, but if you can find one at a local shop, why not? Consider adding a scarf or a ribbon to the brim of a plain white hat to dress it up for a night on the town or a sunset dinner on the beach.


Consider going a little boho with your vacation dress. A simple knit dress that you can roll up small and hang as soon as you unpack can be a great option, but something that’s got some cotton in the mix will probably be designed to be a bit crinkly. Slip on some flat sandals, a lightweight gauzy dress and your straw hat for a little shopping, a light meal or wine with friends.

Tops, Short and Long-Sleeved

Keep in mind that each pulse point you cover will help to keep you warm. When looking for resort wear for women, you’ll want something sleeveless for the hottest part of the day, but a 3/4 sleeve top to cover your elbow joint will keep the chill away and help you feel more comfortable at an outdoor breakfast or sunset dinner.


Consider also investing in some sheer long-sleeved tops to dress up a casual tank. If you’re doing some sight-seeing and heading out to dinner, you can easily dress up a tank and capris with a lightweight long-sleeved blouse and a quick change of shoes.


Study the streets and terrain of your intended travel destination. A great pair of heeled sandals will be an amazing addition to your dinner outfit, but if the streets you’re strolling along to get to the restaurant are brick or cobbled, a lower pair of heels may keep you safer. You’ll want some low-heeled, comfortable shoes for sight-seeing. Mesh sneakers will keep your feet cool, comfortable and well-cushioned on a long day of seeing the sights. A flat pair of sandals can also be a great choice for a stroll along the city streets.


No matter what shoes you choose, make sure you take them for a walk before packing them so you can be fully comfortable on your vacation. Blisters are never worth it, no matter how cute the shoes are.

Bathing Suit and Cover-Up

Find a suit that fully covers you so you can swim if you choose. If you want a suit for sunning, go ahead and bring one of those as well, but you will want one suit that stays in place as you swim and move on the beach. A cover-up will be critical if you feel you’re getting too much sun. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, treat yourself to a huge scarf that you can tie as a sarong that will easily go from swimming to a walk on the beach.


Depending on the length of your stay, consider sticking with a basic color selection on the bottom. Black slacks, capris and skirts will generally work with the same selection of tops, and adding a white skirt or pair of shorts will probably also pair nicely with most of your clothes.


Of course, if your vacation rental has a washer and dryer, or even better, laundry service, your packing process can actually be pretty simple. No matter what clothing choices you make, consider bringing a large wrap that you can use to dress up a plain tank and skirt, or even turn into a sunshade for you and your travel mate.


Never take new clothes or shoes on vacation; you want to know that the garment will work for your needs. Avoid anything that needs to be crisp or freshly ironed. Treat yourself to shoes that are both comfortable and stable to avoid a twisted ankle, and enjoy your trip!

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