Facts You Should Remember About Urinalysis

Urinalysis or urine drug screen is one of the most popular methods for detecting the presence of drugs in someone’s system. The main reasons for their popularity are due to the affordable price tag, quick to handle, simple to conduct, and painless procedure.

The idea is for you to provide a urine sample so that the technician could analyze its content and detect the presence of legal and illegal drugs.

The analysis can quickly determine whether you have been consuming specific medications in the last few weeks after the intoxication has worn off.

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Purposes of Urinalysis

—  Doctors – Have in mind that drug testing can detect the presence of both prescription and illegal drugs. Therefore, your doctor can request from you to conduct a drug test so that he can determine whether you are using and misusing drugs in general. For instance, the doctor may require it in case that you have been using prescription meds for chronic pain, and if he has a perspective that you have been misusing them in the long run. At the same time, emergency service employees can also request urinalysis with an idea to check out why is a suspect behaving strangely or dangerously.

—  Rehab Programs – At the same time, if you have a history of drug abuse, rehab programs and centers can request this particular type of drug screening to check whether you’re sober or not. Prisons can also conduct testing for people that have histories of drug abuse.

—  Sporting Events – If you wish to play in college or professional tournaments have in mind that urine drug test is a common way of detecting the presence of performance-enhancing drugs in general.

—  Employers – The most common reason for conducting urine drug screens nowadays is that employers want to maintain a drug-free working environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the industry with high risks of safety or in private sector in which employer requires that you work without consuming anything because you have to pass these screens so that you can continue working.

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Interesting Facts about Urine Drug Testing

—  Beware Of Reasons For Screenings – We have stated above that there are plenty of reasons for someone to conduct a drug screening. It involves taking a biological specimen or sample with an idea to determine whether you have been using illegal or legal drugs. We can consider numerous circumstances in which you have to pass a drug screening such as random work-related or due to the hiring process. For instance, if you wish to start working a job related to public safety such as airline, federal transportation, medical sector, railway, you will need to pass a drug test to do it.

—  Employers Can Legally Test You – According to the Supreme Court, drug testing is not the privacy infringement, and it is necessary because it protects the safety and health of others. Therefore, most state laws are similar to federal regulations when it comes to the legality of drug screenings, which means that you cannot do anything about it. The main difference that varies from state to state is the idea that represents the employee protection. For instance, some states have regulated rules in which employees can be fired and hired based on results. Even though you will have legal rights to refuse the testing, that may lead to penalties and consequences because you are not following the company’s drug policy.

—  It Screens For Numerous Substances – Urinalysis is efficient because it may help you track the existence of numerous substances such as meth, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, opiates, cocaine, weed, methadone, alcohol, nicotine, and even PCP.

—  Two Types Of Urine Drug Tests – We can consider two essential types of urinalysis that include gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and immunoassay. Even though the IA is a more affordable solution and much faster to conduct, it comes with certain disadvantages such as inability to test for all substances we have mentioned above, and it can create false positive results as well. On the other hand, GC/MS testing is the addition that goes after IA becomes positive. Have in mind that both of them are efficient and when you are screening yourself due to employment reasons, laboratories will use both methods so that they can reduce chances of false positive results.

—  It May Detect The Previous Drug Usage – When compared with a breathalyzer for instance, that will determine the presence of alcohol at the moment of testing, you should remember that urinalysis can indicate the presence of drugs that you have in your system even after intoxication. When the effects wear off, you will still have effects of drugs inside, and specific substances may stay longer in your urine than others. We can consider numerous factors that will determine how long you will need to cleanse yourself, such as frequency of usage, the testing threshold, as well as your daily habits. According to most experts, you will be able to cleanse yourself in a matter of days if you are an occasional user, while chronic cannabis consumer can remain positive for one month and even more based on various factors.

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—  Certain Supplements and Medications Could Lead To False Positives – Even though you do not have to prepare yourself for urinalysis, have in mind that you should tell your administrator that you’re using over-the-counter medicines as well as prescription meds and supplements that may cause false-positive results. That way, you will be able to protect yourself in case you are positive because you consumed poppy seeds before a drug test. For instance, when you consume poppy seeds before the test, the results could detect the presence of opium, which is an illicit drug that may lead you to rehab if you do not tell anything.

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