Eyelash extensions make your eyes look effortlessly gorgeous without any makeup. Luscious long lashes instantly elevate your look and magnify your beauty quotient. If you’re planning to get eyelash extensions or have booked an appointment with an eyelash salon, here are the things you must do to make your experience as relaxing as possible.

1. Arrive Makeup-Free
To get the best lash extension results, you must arrive makeup-free. Your lash stylist needs a completely clean lash area to work with. You should not put mascara, concealer, or any kind of makeup around the eye area. Bring your contact lens case and solution with you on the day of salon appointment so that you can remove contact lenses just before the process.

2. Say No to Coffee
The eyelash extension process is completely pain-free and needs 1-4 hours depending on the lash styles you will get. Avoid drinking coffee or high-energy drinks just before the appointment. Your mind and body should feel relaxed during the appointment. You must allow your eyes to rest and relax. Coffee and energy drinks can make your eyes extremely active, so avoid them just before the appointment.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Getting eyelash extensions is the best way to pamper yourself. Comfort and ease are foremost when you arrive at your eyelash extension salon. You will not want the uncomfortable feeling during the 60-90 minutes of the procedure. Wear comfortable clothes to have a truly relaxing experience.

4. Put Your Phone on Silent Mode
You may have a busy schedule, but calls and notifications may distract you from getting stress-free eyelash extension experience. Keep your phone on silent mode and you will enjoy your “me time” during the appointment at the salon!

5. Come with photo inspiration
Seeing photos of influencers may have inspired you to get lash extensions. Your friends or family members might have got that perfect lashes recently. Whatever inspired you to get eyelash extensions, you must bring a photo or screenshot to show to your lash stylist. This could help the stylist to understand your preferences and desires.

6. Enjoy Lash Nap
To get the most out of your appointment, you should avoid talking as you will likely move your eyes and facial muscles while doing so. This could affect the procedure and the lash artist may not be able to secure your lashes to the natural ones properly. You can just take a lash nap while the artist concentrates and works more efficiently.

7. Tell What You Feel
Top eyelash salons offer professional services in a relaxed environment to make sure their stylists can provide the best application experience to customers. However, you play a big part in the lash extension procedure. Let your lash stylist know if you feel irritated, uncomfortable, need something, or if anything is bothering you. The stylist will make adjustments to help you feel at ease.

Eyelash extensions help you get fuller, longer, darker lashes. If you’re planning to get lash extensions, book an appointment at a reliable eyelash extension salon. However, you must prepare yourself by following the aforementioned tips to help your lash artist provide you with an amazing lash extension experience.

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