Express Your True Inner Self through Style

It’s true that people make assumptions about you based on what they first see, meaning that, in a way, what you show to the world defines you and your personality. It’s no news that your wardrobe and your home say a lot about you and that saying “You are what you wear” doesn’t have to be bad. On the contrary, you can make it work in your favor and use your unique style to express your personality and your true inner self.

Show your true colors

You’ve probably seen a thousand of articles about the meaning behind the colors you wear, but don’t be surprised by the fact that there is some truth in it. Namely, colors can affect your mood and express your personality, especially if you manage to find a perfect palette for yourself. Scientists claim we have a repository information about colors meaning that, for example, the color blue is almost always associated with calm (because of the blue skies), orange with energy, green with rest, etc. Constantly wearing black or grey clothes is an expression of style, just like wearing colorful, printed pieces all the time is, so just go ahead and proudly show your true colors.

Dress with confidence

It’s a no-brainer that clothing we wear is closely linked to a positive self-image, especially when you finally figure out what suits you and start wearing good-fitting clothes. It’s like a change without change – a few switches in your wardrobe may affect the way you see your body and boost your confidence. It helps with body acceptance, too – once you learn how to rock a skirt that enhances your curves instead of hiding them you’ll start noticing the change. The outfits you assemble are a way to communicate with the outer world. So, if you chose to wear heels to show off your killer gams or flattering dress that accentuates your waist, you can surely send a powerful message about your self-esteem. Even a tiny detail such as good lipstick or a statement necklace can make a difference.

Your home represents you as well

Besides fashion, the way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality, too. It all starts with choosing paint for your walls, so if you’re not sure what will suit your home – take a look at your wardrobe and you’ll find the answer. Just like with dressing, a detail or two can bring a whole new touch to a room. Property styling experts, for example, sometimes simply add fresh linens or good artwork when they’re trying to stage a house for sale, so you can use their tricks to express your inner self through your decorating style. It’s also important to decide on what are you aiming to achieve, so decide whether you want your home to be a soothing oasis or party zone and decorate accordingly.

Think past trends

Following trends in fashion and interior design is good for drawing inspiration but if you want to really find a style that will represent your personality then you might want to start thinking beyond this. Trends come and go and you don’t have to ignore them completely – just make sure you choose the ones that fit into your style. Instead of spending money on one-season pieces, invest in high-quality basic pieces every woman should have and build your wardrobe around them. Soon, you’ll start to appreciate the ‘less is more’ principle and learn how to express your true inner self in a way that feels natural to you.

Finding your style is easy – you just have to listen to yourself and decide what represents you the best. So, dig into a little bit of self-research and find out what you’re really like. Once you do that, showing the world who you are becomes a piece of cake!

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