Udaipur “romantic Gateway of Rajasthan” allure of many attractive and charming tourist destinations. It is the best-known tourist destination in India with naturalistic wonders, historical monuments, fascinating palaces, and countless attractions.

Addition to this, travelling to Udaipur through Palace on Wheels is an extraordinary thing to experience royalty and wellness during the journey. Let’s know how will be the journey to Udaipur through Palace on Wheels.

City Palace:

By the morning you will reach to Udaipur and enjoy the breakfast at a haunting lodge Shikar Bari with pleasant nature. After that, you can move to a beautiful complex palace in Udaipur on the lakeside is City Palace. A must-see architectural monument in Udaipur with numerous palaces, temples, museum, galleries etc.

Tourists will memorize with the attractions of City Palace like Daawat-I-Aam, Daawat-I-Khas, Crystal gallery, Vintage car museum, etc a lot. In the evening there will be the Mewar sound and light show which is a worth-full event to watch. The environment around the City Palace is so enthralling with beautiful lake Pichola and greenery.

Lake Pichola:

A romantic destination of Udaipur with beautiful attractions like Aravalli ranges and spotted islands on the lake. Udaipur is mainly known for the Lake Pichola attractions, which is the best refreshment area with a pleasing and tranquil atmosphere. Especially, this lake was surrounded with numerous attractions like City Palace, luxurious stays, ghats, and mainly for islands on Lake Pichola.

In Lake Pichola, a must-do thing is boat riding. No one can leave the lake Pichola without going for a ride on the boat. It will be awesome to have a ride on the waters of Lake Pichola enjoying the adorable palaces and migratory birds.

Lake Palace:

A historical royal summer retreat on the center of Lake Pichola and a famous destination in Udaipur. Lake Palace at present is a 5-star heritage hotel maintaining by the Taj Group. It is known for its architectural and designing attractions. Tourists mainly visit this palace to experience the royalty and wellness of Udaipur kings.

The main things that draw your attention are gilt moldings, sculpted marbles, fretwork screens, indoor swimming pool, beautiful carvings on the walls etc. It will be more pleasurable if you stay here for some days to enjoy the complete attractions of Lake Palace. After that, you can have your lunch at Sunset point an open-air restaurant by enjoying the scenic view of Lake Palace.

Fateh Sagar Lake:

We know that Udaipur is known for various man-made lakes, one of them is Fateh Sagar Lake. This beautiful lake resided to the north of Lake Pichola and it was connected through a canal from Lake Pichola. Fateh Sagar Lake is also one of the best destinations in Udaipur with a tranquil environment. You can have a boat ride here also and there are totally three islands. Among them, Nehru Park is the most visited place which has a Zoo. Fateh Sagar Lake also a must-visit place in Udaipur.

Jagdish Temple:

A very famous temple in Udaipur dedicated to Lord Vishnu, located near the Badi Pol entrance of the City Palace with elephant-flanked steps. This temple was well-known for its Indo-Aryan architectural styles.

The main attention seeking things here means Lord Vishnu made of black stone, the brass image of Garuda (Vishnu’s vehicle), and other shrines of Lord Ganesha, Sun God, Goddess Shakti, and Lord Shiva. A spiritual place in Udaipur, no one can miss this place. Know more about the Palace on Wheels train cost and at last, return to your chamber in Palace on Wheels and have a sleep for the next destination.  

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