Everything You Should Know About Microblading in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, located on the southeast coast of Australia. It is home to most of the state’s population and the centre of its business and finance. With a highly diversified economy, Melbourne houses many important industries, including the service sector. The cosmetic clinics are among the best in Australia, offering the most natural-looking microblading tattoos in Melbourne.

Although the technique of tattooing has been around for thousands of years, microblading in its current form is relatively new. If you still haven’t heard much about the technique, here is some helpful information.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the act of putting medical pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin to mimic a full eyebrow’s look. It is a semi-permanent procedure with effects lasting anywhere between one to three years, depending on your skin type. 

Much like tattooing, microblading is done using a handheld tool, but with precise featherweight strokes. The instrument’s accuracy is due to what looks like a sloped blade at the tip, which actually consists of 10 to 12 fine needles. These needles scratch the skin’s surface carefully without penetrating it, making scratching noises in the process instead of the buzzing sound of a regular tattoo gun. The resulting strokes are also finer and more natural-looking than any tattoo.

How is the Procedure Done?

The procedure normally starts with a consultation to determine the best brow shape that will compliment your face, skin tone, and natural hair colour. Leading clinics in microblading tattoos in Melbourne additionally use facial morphology to design and draw the perfect eyebrow for you. Still, if you know what you want coming in, you can go with it too.    

Once you are set on the size and shape you want, the technician proceeds to thread and clean the area. This is followed by the application of the topical numbing cream. As the topical anesthetic sets in, the technician starts taking measurements and outlining for the eyebrow. 

The needling process follows once the numbing cream has taken full effect. If you start feeling any discomfort during this process, the technician can quickly apply another layer to the area. When this is done, a final layer of pigment is added and allowed five minutes to set. The technician then cleans the area to reveal your beautiful new eyebrows. Finally, an ointment is applied to aid with the healing process. Take note that you have to come back in six to eight weeks to fill gaps or touch up parts where the pigment did not set in.

Post Treatment Care

To make sure that your new eyebrows would last longer, apply sunscreen on the area before going outside. Exposure to the sun is one of the main reasons why tattooed eyebrows fade prematurely. For the same reason, avoid using retinol products one week before your appointment and a month after the treatment. Also, do not wet the brows or use any makeup on the area for one to two weeks after the treatment to ensure that they heal properly.

Microblading tattoos in Melbourne is the perfect solution to those who want to improve the appearance of their eyebrows but cannot afford to spend hours pencilling them every day. It is also ideal for people who are not too fond of needles.       

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