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Everything You Need To Know Before Booking A Sports Massage

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay, a good weekend massage keeps weeklong stress away! Massages are no longer a silver-spoon blessing; it has gradually become a necessity. Are you considering getting a sports massage in NYC? If this is a first for you, keep reading to unlock everything you must know before booking a session.

Benefits of getting a sports massage

Sports massage sessions are increasingly becoming popular with individuals getting acquainted with its numerous benefits. Want to know more? Delve in for a brief analysis on the advantages of opting for a sports massage.

  • Flexibility – These massage sessions focus on stretching for long-term comfort and body elasticity. This helps to reduce movement restrictions and aids in increased flexibility. A good deal for trainers and gymnasts, isn’t it?
  • Therapeutic – A thorough sports massage will relieve both mental and physical tension. It is a recommended option for people suffering from deep-seated stress and anxiety. Chocolates do help with promoting healing energy throughout the body, but extra calories aren’t that great! Time to shift your perspective towards a better and wholesome alternative. Book your session quickly before you hit that Sunday brunch meeting with friends.
  • Recovery – If you are involved in rigorous training, there will be issues of after-training body jitters and ache. Getting yourself a sports massage will aid in alleviating body pain and improving performance.
  • Circulation – No wonder sports massages are a great way to improve blood circulation. An efficient blood flow regulation helps release increased oxygen levels and vital nutrients for quick healing. If you are suffering from swelling or any pain, hit that massage parlor fast!
  • Hormonal Balance – Women suffering from hormonal imbalance can benefit a lot from massage sessions. Research reports have proven that sports massages keep the hormones in check to eliminate symptoms of PMS and menopause effectively. The rest of us without such issues can equally benefit from increased serotonin and dopamine levels. After all, being happy and healthy is an unsaid life goal!
  • Sleep pattern – Since massage relieves stress, it aids in maintaining a better sleeping schedule. Massages decrease cortisol which is a prime reason behind mood swings and unregulated tension. This process enhances relaxation, stabilizes individual mood, and promotes a good night’s sleep.

Tips to ensure an overall perfect massage experience

Getting a sports massage once or twice a month is an excellent way to stay healthy and agile throughout the years. However, an overall, balanced routine requires more. There are specific parameters you must check and meet to ascertain optimal relief and relaxation.

  • Research your therapist beforehand – Ensure that the therapist you wish to receive a treatment from is certified and credible. A professional will fill you on adequate measures you need to consider before and after a massage session/
  • Avail extended services – If your therapist offers more than just a massage, it is a good deal that you shouldn’t miss. A massage therapist with varied knowledge of other disciplines is a good choice to help you achieve overall positivity.
  • Discuss requirements for compatibility – It is crucial to discuss your problems and needs with an expert beforehand. This will assure you that whichever therapist, the service recommends, is an ideal choice for you.
  • Check for timing – It is essential to look for schedule plans, appointment dates, and hours required per session. This will help you maintain your routine appropriately. You can schedule your priority tasks for later and enjoy your massage session as you should.
  • Stay hydrated – Although most therapists will inform you about this, still a mention wouldn’t harm. Before getting ready for a sports massage, you need to pee to avoid unwanted occurrences. This will require you to be properly hydrated as the massage performance will depend on how your body feels. Dehydration can cause body stiffness and ruin the experience.

After you are done with your massage, there may be a slight sore sensation in your body. You must know this is natural and avoid taking painkillers. Take plenty of rest to receive the maximum benefits from your spa experience. Have you been looking for an accredited massage service in New York? You can check out Bodyworks DW for a comprehensive range of services at competitive prices.

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