Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, and quick way to rejuvenate your smile. It’s a popular cosmetic dental procedure. Teeth whitening procedure can transform stained or discoloured teeth into a whiter smile.

There are multiple reasons why teeth become discoloured. Your teeth can be stained by food particles and you can go for teeth whitening for removing the decays from your teeth. Apart from that, teeth can be stained due to overconsumption of tea, coffee and alcohol, and junk foods. Dark foods such as beetroot, cherries and mulberries can also stain the teeth. Smoking is also a major cause of stain teeth. Sometimes, you can find some stains inside the cracks of your teeth due to taking some antibiotics. Calculus or tartar can also affect your teeth colour.  Teeth whitening procedures work effectively on the vast majority of people.

A complete dental examination is necessary before the whitening procedure, There might be some internal health problems to your teeth discolouration that needs to be addressed first. You may have an underlying dental problem that needs treatment rather than a course of teeth whitening.

After the dental examination, you can go for professional bleaching for your teeth, and this is a common method of teeth whitening. But before you bleach your teeth, you need to consult a dentist. He or she will put a rubber shield or gel on your gums to protect your gum area from bleaching. Then they will apply teeth whitening products on your teeth by using a tray, which is known as a mouthguard. Almost all teeth whitening products are made with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. It can provide oxygen when broken down to your teeth enamel and make your teeth lighter.

Duration of Teeth Whitening Procedures

The total procedure of teeth whitening can be done within three to four weeks. You need to visit twice or thrice to the dentist clinic to complete this procedure. The dentist will use the mouth guard to take the impression of your teeth at the first appointment and then he will start treatment of teeth whitening from your second visit. You need to use the teeth whitening products regularly for two to three weeks.

Is There Any Other Procedure Available for Teeth Whitening?

There is an alternative of teeth bleaching available and it is known as the power whitening or laser whitening process. During this process, the dentist will protect your gums with a rubber dam and then he will paint your teeth with bleaching products. Afterwards, the dentist will use a laser light on your teeth to activate the chemical and such laser lights will active the teeth whitening products instantly. As a result, the colour of your teeth will change instantly and this laser whitening process can make your teeth five to six times lighter.

The Cost of Teeth Whitening

Charges of teeth whitening will vary according to the dentist and region. Charges will also depend on the dental procedures that you want. For example, laser whitening will cost you more than professional bleaching and it is better to ask for a written estimate for your teeth whitening from your dentist. Then you can compare their prices with others to choose an affordable option.

How Long It Will Stay?

The effects of teeth whitening will last for approximately three to four years. Smoking and consumption of alcohol will stain your teeth faster. It is better to consult a dentist in this regard and he or she can tell you the expected duration of your teeth whitening before starting the treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If you have sensitive teeth then you need to inform your dentist before starting the teeth whitening procedure. People can also face some problems in their gums and suffer from a sore throat or white patches on the gum after teeth whitening. But these are temporary problems and you can easily get rid of these side effects within one or two weeks.

Nowadays there are some ready made products available for teeth whitening such as whiteners and strips. They are cheaper options, but these products can create some acidic reactions inside your mouth. Even, they can damage your teeth and spread infections in your gums. So before you use any of such products, you must consult a dentist for your oral health.



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