Everything You Need to Know About Singapore

Singapore is a city-state with much to offer to everybody who visits. From the delicious food to well-organized public transport, regardless of how long you plan on staying in Singapore, your experience is bound to be memorable. It’s also very culturally rich and ethnically diverse, so no matter where you’re from, you would feel comfortable here. So, if you’ve been thinking of visiting Singapore or perhaps even relocating to it, here are a few things you should know about it. 

Perfect for animal lovers

Next to your usual, normal zoo that is home to more than 2800 various animals, Singapore is also home to the world’s first night safari. Here, you can explore a huge park and see more than 2500 animals. You can meet some of the famous native animals, you can get close to the wildlife, and you can even dine in tipi tents if you’d like to spend a bit more time there. All in all, it would be a memorable and worthy experience for all animal lovers. 

There are plenty of food choices

No matter what kind of food you like, there’s no way you can be hungry here. Hawkers markets are very popular in Singapore, and they offer all kinds of delicious and affordable dishes. Just make sure to find a table before you find your perfect meal. You can “reserve” your table by leaving a pack of tissues on it – which also means you should pay attention to the tables that are already reserved. Also, don’t hesitate to try new foods – you never know which dish will become your new favorite one, and there sure are plenty to try. 

It’s culturally diverse

Singapore is very culturally diverse, so no matter where you come from, you’re bound to find your “tribe”. There are also neighborhoods that are especially popular with expats, and there are many cultural events happening all year round. So, for instance, if you’re looking for Islamic events, you should have no trouble finding them. Many of them encourage learning and discussion through contemporary, modern approaches, and there are also many that are suitable for young kids. So, do some research online, ask around, and you’ll surely find a way to feel at home. 

Kids and education

If you have kids, and you’re thinking about moving to Singapore, you’ll be happy to know that their education system is one of the best in the world. You can choose between Singaporean schools and private schools, which can be quite expensive. The school year starts in January, but you’d need to apply before September of the previous year. As for kindergarten, enrollment is a bit more flexible. Moreover, there are many language school and education centers, in case your kids need some help with the language.  

Luxury is easy to find

Marina Bay is one of the most luxurious areas in Singapore, as it has some of the most beautiful skyscrapers, attractions, and, of course, hotels. It’s also home to the Marina Bay Sands resort, where you can sign up for all kinds of events and excursions as well as enjoy a breathtaking infinity-edge swimming pool. It’s safe to say that you could get plenty of amazing photos at this resort. So, if you’re looking for luxury, you should easily find it in Singapore. 

Singapore is an amazing place that can provide you with everything you could possibly need for a relaxing and fun vacation. It’s also a great place to live in, if you’re thinking about moving and starting a new life with your family. So, think about everything you can get in Singapore, plan your vacation or move on time, and have no doubt that you would fall in love with this place.

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