Everything You Need to Know about Period Underwear

Based on the article made by Dollars and Sense, a typical woman usually spends more than $17,000 to get the right amount of period products they need for the rest of their lives. Having more or less than 450 periods in a lifetime is stressful enough if you cannot find the product that can give you the comfort and high-quality you deserve. Thankfully, society has reached the modern generation where period underwear exists, and it is truly remarkable considering its capabilities that go way beyond your expectation.

Regular sanitary pads and tampons are now being gradually overtaken by the power of period underwear on the market. Period underwear is an eco-friendly alternative that gives you the privilege of enjoying the moments while under your monthly cycles.

Have Sizes for Everyone

Ladies, you are perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with the size and shape of your body. Most companies believe that every woman can have their perfect fit. There are a lot of types and sizes to choose from.

You can wear any type of period underwear on any occasion. Going to the beach? Period-bikini underwear can absorb 100ml up to 250 ml. Enjoy the natural vibes on the go with this product. You can have the period-full brief underwear style, perfect for jeans and everyday usage. Period-midi brief also comes in handy if you want to wear miniskirts and a tight dress.

24/7 Comfort

Since it is made of 100% cotton with multi later linings, it will save your skin from irritations and period leakage at any time of the day. Finding the right period kit for nightwear is a struggle that women all want to address with another product that might fill the gaps. Trying many products is time-consuming and expensive. No one wants to make up in the middle of the night because of period leakage. With period underwear, you will have zero worries because it has absorbent layers that can absorb 250 ml of liquid—no more unnecessary laundry tasks since it has a waterproof layer that prevents any leakage.

Eco-friendly and Budget Wise Product

An average woman who menstruates for 38 years can produce up to 62,415 pounds of garbage in her lifetime, not knowing other better alternatives out in the market since period underwear can be washed and used over 250 times if taken care of properly. Imagine helping the earth lessen its waste in the smallest action possible; period underwear is something women need to consider. These underwear are suitable even for heavy bleeder girls, and it is equivalent to 10 tampons per one use of the period underwear. You do not need to buy sanitary products every month to govern your natural needs; one is enough for a long time.

There is nothing wrong with trying new things if it will benefits in all aspects in the long run. The period underwear is a revolutionary invention that eradicates a lot of waste and lets you feel the comfort that lets you forget the worst feeling during monthly period cycles. Using period underwear is a life-changing move that lets you enjoy every moment without thinking of the discomfort and leakage. Wear the best smile and any outfit you want with remarkable period underwear.

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