Every Occasion Requires a Special Flower! Get to Know Here

Deciding what to gift on a particular occasion is one of the biggest challenges ever. It takes days to decide about the gift that will not just suit the occasion but also brings a big smile on the receiver’s face. And, when it comes to flowers, the situation gets even more demanding. With such great options of flowers available online, the sender seems to relax a bit. But, it still requires great thoughtfulness to decide which Online flowers to send to the loved ones on their special occasions. When a person searches for birthday flower ideas or the best flowers ideas online pertaining to any other occasions, every flowers ideas differ from each other depending on the type of occasions they are meant for.

Flowers have a language of their own, a language of feelings and emotions. So while making a selection of the flowers to gift, it is not just the occasion and the variety of flower that should be considered but also its color. The color red stands for love and affection, yellow symbolizes friendship, and white for peace and tranquility. Keeping these things in mind, the flowers for the special occasions should be picked up so that no wrong feeling is conveyed to the receiver of the flowers.

To make the task of deciding what flowers to give on different occasions easy, below are some flower gifting ideas considering 5 major special occasions.


Imagine a birthday with innumerable gifts but without any flowers. It seems as if something big is missing. Flowers are touted as the best birthday presents even today when the world is going crazy after personalized birthday gifts. There is a wide range of flowers available in the market but picking the right one for the birthday is a task. Though the internet is brimming with various birthday flower ideas, but there are some flowers that just fit the occasion of birthdays like carnations Flowers, roses, lilies, and orchids.

Deciding a flower for birthday not just depends on the occasion but also on the relationship shared by the two. If a person sending flowers shares a romantic relationship with the other person, he/she can go for the red ones, like red roses or carnations. And, if the flowers are meant for a relative or a friend, then a person can gift him/her a bouquet of yellow or white birthday flowers.

 A Romantic Date

The word ‘romantic’ immediately makes everyone think of red rose. These vivacious blooms speak of love in its every petal. And, when it is about a person’s first date with his lady love, what can be more romantic and charming than a bouquet of fresh red roses. Looking at her man with those beautiful and vibrant red roses in his hand, she will go head over heels for him and remember that night forever!

Romance is not limited to the red roses, there are flowers like tulips, dandelions, and orchids which also have a potential (thought not same as red roses) to beautifully express the feeling of love.

Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating a special occasion called wedding anniversary is like milestone achieved in every couple’s life. Therefore, being a part of the wedding anniversary celebrations of the dear ones becomes inevitable. Taking a vibrant bouquet of vivacious flowers to the celebration venue is the best way to say “Congratulations” to the lovely couple. As anniversary is a special day that celebrates of love and togetherness of a couple, a bouquet of red or pink roses is the best gift to give to the married couple.

Lilies and daffodils are also counted among the best flowers that suits the occasion of a wedding anniversary. Avoid giving yellow flowers on the auspicious occasion of anniversary to the couple.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a most awaited day in the lives of the people who are in immense love. This day of love carries a romantic aura around it and everything seems to be just perfect and beautiful. A feeling of romance lingers in the air bringing every couple closer to each other. And, when people think of the most perfect way to celebrate this day, a bouquet of bright red roses for the dear ones comes to their mind. This is the reason behind the sudden hike in the prices of red roses on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. But the celebration of love is not just limited to the red roses; there are other flowers like tulips and orchids as well which also have ability to convey the feeling of love.

Thank You!

Saying ‘Thank You’ with a beautiful bouquet of flowers is the best way of showing gratitude to the loved ones. Whether it is about thanking one’s parents, teachers, or friends for supporting us in every way possible, the flowers can convey the feelings in an effortless way. Flowers like carnations, lilies and daisies serve best in expressing the feeling of gratitude.

Let the flowers speak and convey one’s feelings to the loved ones in the most amazing and beautiful way. Get a bouquet of the lively flowers delivered to the special ones on their special occasions, and make their day extra special and a memorable one. Giftalove.com functions as an online flowers shop with great ideas that is helping its clients deliver fresh, vibrant flowers delivered to their dear ones without any hassles.

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