Essentials of Getting Your Cleaning Tools Right

Sticky residues, stubborn stains along with dirt, dust, and debris—if you aren’t cleaning your floors regularly, then you’re letting all these things into your home. Dust, in particular, has adverse effects on your health, says the Huffington Post. If you don’t want to subject yourself and anyone else in your family to unpleasant health risks, then you’ll need to make sure you stay on top of keeping your home clean.

Not sure where to start? 

Do your research

Knowing what kind of tools are ideal for your home counts as well. That’s why you’ll need to do your homework before walking into a shop or checking out your favourite online store. Otherwise, you could end up buying a ton of things that you might actually don’t need. So check what kind of Stanley Home products will get the job done.

Get the right cleaning tools

You’ll need to invest in proper cleaning tools. Stop making do with newspapers or old clothes for rags, says Family Handyman. You could leave behind unsightly marks and streaks or end up dealing damage to your counters, walls, windows or floors with the wrong equipment or tools. Quality options might set you back a bit more but they’re also going to be much more effective and can last you longer.

Shop around

For a fine choice, consider quality and well-known brands like the Stanley Home products from Fuller Brush. With an extensive collection of options, you can easily order everything in one go. You won’t have to bop over from one site to another just to get the tools you need, from brushes to mops and mop head replacements, to name a few. The sheer convenience means you can get your shopping done in less time and with greater ease.

Try out reusable mops

Want to cut down on costs? You might want to consider reusable material. That could help you save on costs. If your mop uses disposable pads, replace them with microfiber sheets, says HGTV. It’s a fine way to reduce the costs of your cleaning supplies.

Read the manual

You’d be surprised at how many people skip this. Before you tear the packaging off your brand-new mop, broom or cloths, take the time to read the manual. Know what you can and can’t do with your cleaning tools and supplies. That way, you won’t make a mistake that could damage your floors or compromise the efficiency and function of those tools. If you end up breaking your tools within a few short weeks of using them, then you’ll have to shell out money for another batch. Not exactly the best way to make the most out of the dollars you spend. So be sure to read the fine print.

Maintain your mops

You want your cleaning tools ready and in tip-top shape. So find out how to properly use and take care of your tools. Your cleaning supplies and tools will last much longer that way. That’s something you and your wallet will be much happier about as well.

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