Essential Tips for Buying New Air Conditioning System

An AC is such a machine that drives away the hot air outside the room and replaces it with cool air by using ventilation process. Air conditioning system follows the same process which a heat pump follows but the difference is that AC machines follow the cooling cycle.

Things to look for when you plan to buy an AC machine

In the yesteryears the AC used to be considered as a luxurious item but with the gradual changes in socio- economic conditions and due to the gradual increase of world’s temperature for global warming the demand for Air conditioning machines have steadily gone up. Nowadays this has become almost a commodity of necessity. But buying an AC machine requires various due diligences to be followed. In the following points, some of the important things to consider before buying an AC machine will be discussed:

  • Be very cautious while selecting the tonnage capacity of the AC machine you are buying. Buying AC machine with high ton capacity for a smaller room or buying a low ton capacity AC machine for a larger room. Neither will serve your purpose fully. It is advisable to take experts’ opinion to assess the most suitable ton as per your room size
  • Always try to go for higher star rated AC machines. The higher will be star rating, lesser it will consume electricity. Experts can help you to understand how much money you can save in terms of your electricity consumption by buying a higher star rated air conditioning machine.
  • Another important thing to consider before buying an AC machine is the variant of the AC machine.
  • The most popular choices for home are Window ACs and Split ACs. Window AC machines can be easily installed and cheaper as well but Split AC machines offer better distribution of air and looks good in your room. The split ACs do not create noise when it runs unlike window AC machines.
  • Experts can help you to pick the right brand of AC machine which has a good dehumidifier in it. This primarily helps in improving the air quality within the room by decreasing humidity.
  • It is always recommended to take help form expert technicians for installation as well as maintenance of the AC machines. Always remember that to enjoy the optimum performance from your AC machine, the installation and maintenance should be proper.
  • Before buying the AC machine always do a proper research on which brands you will get more options for controlling cooling speed. These cooling speed controlling options enable you to enjoy the services of your air conditioning machine at lower electricity consumption cost as it helps you to control the temperature as per the requirement.
  • Check if the model of AC machine which you are buying has the option of using it as heater or not. Always remember a multipurpose AC machine with both cooling and heating option consumes lesser electricity than a room heater.
  • Plan your purchase in such a way so that you can get your AC machine at lowest possible price. Buying an AC machine during winter season will be the wisest decision.

Types of AC machines available

When you decide to buy an air conditioning machine, you should also decide the type which you should choose. There are various types of AC machines available in the market but it will be wiser to consult an expert before choosing the appropriate type for your room or house. The various types of AC machines are:

  • Window AC
  • Mini Splits that are ductless
  • Portable AC machines
  • Central AC
  • AC machines with dual fuel
  • Hybrid AC
  • Geothermal AC machines
  • Smart AC

Hence, from the above discussion it can be well concluded that buying an air conditioning machine is not only dependent on the budget you have. Apart from that there are other factors too associated with this decision about which the buyer should be very cautious.

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