Essential Lingerie Styles You Need to Know

Men aren’t the only ones who get totally lost in lingerie stores. Women can also feel directionless. Worse: they can feel intimidated. Not only do many of us stress about how we’ll look in lingerie, but we are often also overwhelmed by the sheer selection.


Well, no more! Here are the definitive lingerie styles that you need to know.


The Chemise

Light, playful and super sexy, the chemise is also enticingly comfortable to wear. While it is not as loose or short as a babydoll, it is still figure flattering thanks to it’s long, clean lines. Chemises are available in a range of colours as well as fabrics. From lace to velvet to satin and silk, from translucent to opaque, your selection of chemises is impressive.


While some chemises are obviously just for the bedroom (think of a diaphanous white number), other, more substantial designs can be worn around the house, to bed, or as a slip under a dress.


The Slip

Ah, the slip. It’s classic and chic and sophisticated and it embodies everything there is to love about lingerie. Not only do slips look amazing on everyone, they’re also attractively functional. Worn under dresses to give a smoother look and prevent the fabric of your dress from clinging to your skin, the slip is one of those pieces of clothing that can serve double duty, working hard in the bedroom and out.


The Camisole

Camisoles — or camis — look like fancy, strappy tank tops that may or may not showcase built-in support and shaping. They fall to your hip and are available in a range of fabrics, so you can choose one as simple or ornamental as you like. While camis are officially an undergarment, they are also used as layering pieces under cardigans, jackets and blazers.


The Teddy


The teddy is like a very short, very sexy romper. Or a skimpy bodysuit. It straddles a line, offering bottom coverage that can be as minimal as a thong or as muchas shorts. The top of this one-piece lingerie staple is always strappy, but other than that, the design of teddies can differ widely. Teddies are meant to be worn to bed, under a dress or blouse.


The Suspender


While the days of wearing suspenders functionally are long gone, the suspender is still a lingerie staple. No, we don’t need this piece to actually hold up our hosiery anymore (though they can be used for it: single leg stockings do still exist and are still worn), if you’re looking to curate the consummate lingerie collection, then you do need the suspender in your wardrobe. The suspender is sexy and still classy, riskee and relevant, fun and functional.


The Bodysuit

What’s not to love about bodysuits? They can be worn as lingerie (even shapewear!), and are also totally acceptable to show off out of doors as well. Bodysuits offer one-piece coverage of your top, torso and hips, culminating with a button up crotch. This locked-in look gives seamless, stunning style. No more worrying about your shirt becoming untucked: your bodysuit keeps your top in place.


Like the other items in this lingerie lineup, the bodysuit is available in a range of materials and designs, and can trend more toward lingerie or a top, depending on what you want and how you style it. And however you style any of these items, know that having at least one of each in your wardrobe will have you perfectly covered (and uncovered.)


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