Essential Ingredients in Best Medical Moisturizing Creams

Essential Ingredients in Best Medical Moisturizing Creams

Dermatologists recommend that moisturizers should be used on a daily basis, especially on the face, neck and arms to protect the skin from drying. While the problem of dry skin is not alarming in itself, at times, it can result in fissures and cracks that can cause inflammation and infections. While the market is filled with many moisturizers, these are generally beauty products that are supposed to be used on your face and neck.

Medical moisturizing creams are different from general moisturizers and are created for treating the problem of dry skin. The ingredients used in medical moisturizers are different from the ones used in general moisturizers and as a result, they can provide better results.

Essential Ingredients in Best Medical Moisturizing Creams

Let us have a look at some of the ingredients used in medical moisturizing creams-

Dimethicone- This ingredient is clinically proven to eliminate the problem of fine lines and uneven texture that makes your skin look dry and unattractive. Its emollient nature forms a protective layer on the skin and ensures that the environmental elements are unable to absorb the moisture from your skin.

Petrolatum- Also known as petroleum jelly, petrolatum is a byproduct of petroleum which helps in moisturizing the dead cells present on the upper layer of the skin. Moreover, it also prevents water loss to ensure that your skin stays hydrated for longer periods.

Hyaluronic Acid- This acid is naturally present in the human body in the form of a gel-like substance which helps in lubricating the joints. However, as we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases and results in joint-related problems. Its humectants property is what makes it an important ingredient in medical moisturizing products, like Smith and Nephew Secura Moisturizing Cream. It has an ability to draw water from the deeper layers of the skin and deliver
it to the top layers to make your skin look fresh and attractive.

Glycerin- Just like Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, is also humectants in nature and helps in attracting water from the dermis to the epidermis. It aids in maintaining the protective barrier of the skin to keep the skin moisturized and prevent flaking and drying.

Vitamin E- It has powerful antioxidant properties that protect the skin from the free radicals that can damage collagen and cause fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, especially, aging signs.

If you are out buying a medical moisturizing cream, make sure that the cream has most of these ingredients mentioned above to ensure that the cream can provide you with the desired result in the least possible time. If the problem of dry skin is very severe or has developed into an infection, then it is recommended that you should consult a dermatologist.

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