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Open your mind to something unusual and fun to fill your weekend with the unconventional Moon in Aquarius.

You can entertain the extraordinary without taking any real risks. You’re in harmony with the elements and the air of the Aquarian Moon keeps the fires of Aries and Sagittarius burning bright.

If you read the April monthly horoscope, you already know this weekend is part of the easy first week of the month. Take big breaths and let yourself be inspired.

You’re on the brink of something new and this is your time to think of all the possible dimensions.

Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope.

Aries – Take charge of the weekend plans. You’re ready to get out and do something different in nature or community that restores your pursuit of a spontaneous life. Follow your passions that expand your enthusiasm for all there is to enjoy in life.

Taurus – Get out and do something important to you that you want to share with others. Just by being present you are sharing the gift of you. Spending time with those important to you gives you reciprocal security that makes you happy.

Gemini – You feel really good this weekend. Free to spend time with those important to you and the groups you care about, you are able to get perspective on the rhyme and reason of life. Enjoy where ever this leads you.

Cancer – While many are outside enjoying the uplifting energy of the weekend, you’re discovering the answers to some nagging questions about how you’ll move forward with your visible expressions in the world. Your intuition is in tune and should definitely be trusted.

Leo – Plan for a very social weekend and maybe some time with an intimate partnership. Even if you’re unattached, you’ll feel the love reflected back to you just by being with others who so appreciate your ambitious glowing enthusiasm.

Virgo – You may feel a need to get caught up with details that need your attention. Doing your taxes this weekend? And getting caught up with other chores? You’ll feel a sense of peace to step away from the chaotic world to serve yourself and all who depend on you.

Libra – Express yourself this weekend. If you don’t have anything planned, create a venue with live video to share your light. It will be easy to entertain your community and personal partnerships with your information and gracious being.

Scorpio – You feel deep emotional insight about your service to the world. Find an outlet to talk, write and/or creatively share what you value. Maybe create a vision board to illustrate and record what is important for you to work on now.

Sagittarius – You are probably already off on an adventure for the weekend. There’s so much opportunity to seize that you weren’t waiting for this affirmation! Enjoy the constant activity that will take you out of your routine and help you question the ways you’ve been restricted.

Capricorn – This is great weekend to connect with what’s important to you. You can enjoy your home and the changes you’re creating there and withdraw into your own world to restore your inner peace and balance.

Aquarius – The Moon in your sign projects your mental nature to do good for the world. You may feel more emotional than normal which is a good thing for you to allow your normally detached self. Use this to imagine new interests to pursue.

Pisces – Spend time with people you enjoy this weekend. You’ll be comforted by their perspective and you’ll receive input that boosts your being. Don’t overextend yourself to keep the energy light and free.

April 2 Aspects:
  • Moon in Aquarius sextile Mars in Sagittarius at 8:14am PDT/4:13pm GMT/3:13am AEST
  • Moon in Aquarius sextile Sun in Aries at 6:58pm PDT/2:58am GMT/1:58pm AEST
  • Moon in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius at 11:28pm PDT/7:28am GMT/6:28pm AEST
April 3 Aspects:
  • Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus at 5:56am PDT/1:56pm GMT/12:56am AEST
  • Moon in Aquarius sextile Mercury at 4:16pm PDT/12:16am GMT/11:16pm AEST
  • Moon void-of-course in Aquarius at 4:16pm PDT/12:16am GMT/11:16pm AEST
  • Moon enters Pisces at 10:46pm PDT/6:46am GMT/5:46pm AEST

Every day I share a daily horoscope centered on the activity of the Moon. The Moon strongly influences the mood and circumstances that arise in the general population and can help you understand the events in your life. I also include other planetary and asteroid aspects occurring for the day. The movements in our solar system give symbolic meaning to interpret the patterns that open portals to our personal growth.

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