How To Entertain & Fascinate Kids During Your Marriage?

Kids remain an important part of your marriage ceremony as their presence fills your precious moments with an amazing charm. When you invite your loved ones with their little angels, you surely have some sort of responsibility towards them as well. You cannot only think of paying attention to the requirements of young and old people present at your wedding, that means you need to pay equal attention to kids as well when it comes to entertaining them.

Since these angel-like guests bring a lot of fun to your wedding, you should also think about captivating their attention by offering them some real entertainment. They should enjoy your wedding like anything. In most of the cases, people hosting the marriage get busy with all the adult guests attending the marriage, and fail to give their attention to the kids. This makes children feel really ignored, and they end up going back to their homes without having that perfect fun at your wedding. So, if you really care about your little guests, you should plan something really entertaining for them.

Here’s how you can keep your little guests occupied at your marriage

Arrange A Fun-filled Game Zone For Your Little Guests

One of the best ways to make your wedding a really enjoyable thing for kids is to arrange a nice game zone at the venue. After analyzing your venue, you should try to find a perfect place wherein you can arrange the game zone for kids. Make sure that this place is effectively separated from the area where the major wedding activities are taking place. Kids should have enough space to play a variety of games. You should try to arrange all the popular games so that they can easily choose from what exactly they want to play. In short, it’s better to give them more options so that even if they are bored with playing a specific game they can easily switch to some other game.

Organize A Painting Competition

Again you can find a reliable place at the venue wherein you can organize a painting competition and allow your little guest to have fun with colors. You can buy a lot of crayons, and provide chart papers to the kids so that they can paint something really beautiful. It’s better that you can allow them to paint whatever they want. This will give them the opportunity to enjoy this competition even more as they will have the freedom to paint whatever they feel like.

In this way, you can keep kids busy and entertained easily for an hour or so.

Have The Best Musicians At Your Wedding

Another interesting way of entertaining both kids and adults is to play some nice wedding ceremony music, which can fascinate everyone. You can hire the best wedding music band in your area, in order to play wedding ceremony songs. Nowadays, everyone loves music so you can rely completely on the musician when it comes to providing best entertainment to your guests. However, before hiring the musicians, you should discuss everything clearly with them especially about the charges. Later on, you should not feel that they are charging you more than your expectations.

You Can Also Hire A Magician

Organizing a small magic show during your wedding is another important way of captivating the attention of your guests including the kids. Magic shows are enjoyed by the people of all ages, so you do not have to be worried about whether all your guests will like it or not. Hence, once the date of your marriage is finalized, you look for a nice magician in your area and book him/her immediately. Again don’t forget to discuss the fee. In addition to that, you should also try to clarify everything about the timings so that your guests do not have to wait for the musician.

Include The Food Loved By Kids In The Menu

Wedding are all about enjoying tantalizing food, and hence it should be same for the kids as well. You can add a couple of dishes which are loved by children like anything in the menu so that they can enjoy the food. Since desserts are loved by most of the children, you must include mouth-watering ice creams and puddings in your menu.

You Can Distribute Story Books To Kids

If budget is not a concern for you, then you can arrange storybooks for your little guests and distribute it to them once they arrive at the venue. In that way, even if they are unable to enjoy rest of the activities at the wedding they can keep themselves busy reading stories. Considering the fact that, all most all the kids enjoy reading storybooks, you must consider this option seriously.

These are some of the crucial steps that you can take to keep the kids entertained at your wedding. Apart from that, you can also hire a couple of babysitters who can take care of all the kids present at your wedding.

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