Emotional Love Messages For Your Wife: Don’t Hide While Express

Emotions; it is this that has caused greatest love stories and greatest wars. People must respect one another’s emotions when they talk. The foundation of every relationship is emotions and it is also of life. Without emotions it is hard to live. And it is also unworthy to live without your wife. Ah! That’s gross but somewhere true.

With many husbands it is a problem that they can’t tell their wife how much they love them. These are some introvert kinds of husbands who do and dream everything for their wife in the heart and imaginations while hesitate to express it. But you must. Because if you don’t it could cause your relationship. Love is the emotion for not hiding while expressing. Then what the life you are living if you haven’t!

So on the eve of your wedding anniversary tell you wife how much you care and love her with the help of emotional love messages for wife. Choose the best ones, write them in a greeting card or if you can read them for your wife then it is one of the best things to do for your wife.

Life is one dear. Why waste it hiding your emotions? 

  • What I say you in love? I have said you everything. The intensity of it you must have felt when I come near you. My love is like volcano for you. Love you wife. Never be apart. 
  • I never want to unhold you hand, for I have promised to hold it forever. You are my eternal love and I love you for infinity. So much love to you my wife!
  • The most loved thing about you for which I have fallen in love with you is your smile and your hairs. I like them. And I just want to be in them. Love you my wife. You are my charm. 
  • You still feel like a fresh rose plucked out from an orchid whose fragrance is so damn fresh that it could kill anybody as it is killing me now every day. I love you my miss lovely my wife!
  • I like your eyes. They are so deep that thousands of oceans are swimming into them. I want to too. I just couldn’t resist you when you come before me. And I can’t tolerate you with any other man. Much love to you my wife!
  • Coming near you I feel so relaxed that I forget everything all the worries and anxieties. When with you I feel peace of mind that I have never felt anywhere else but with you. I care for you. Adoringly love you my life companion!
  • You are my force. You are my creativity. You are my imagination. You are my most colorful painting that I never want to lose. When you are not, I am not. I love so deep my wife!
  • It is not to say that you are not beautiful. More than that you are magical, so vibrant and amazingly magnetic that every day I am loving you more.
  • The union of you and me is not by a chance but it is a universal planning, that we are bound to meet. I complete you and you fulfill me. We are destined my lovely wife. Love you!
  • I promise that every day I sing songs for you, write poetry for me and paint drawings for you. I am so enchanted by your beauty I even could die for you. Love you wife!
  • In green sari, when I first saw you, you looked so sublime and breezy beauty that I wanted to flow with. And today I am making you my wife. So much love and care to you! 
  • I never leave you broken or into despair. If it happens, it is death for me. A tear in your eyes is a strangulation for me. I always keep you happy my lovely wife. 
  • The dew drops that look so gorgeous in a rainy season when sun rays come, look like pearls they are that everyone wants to take. You look so fascinating much than those. Love you wife!
  • I want to give you the love of all the world. I want to fill your heart with so much love like bees filling their nest with honey. All love to you my life my wife!
  • When in morning you come afresh after bath, you look so beautiful in open hairs when water drops from your hairs in little droplets. I just want to embrace you that time and every time. Love you my queen my wife!
  • I am so smitten by your red lips that they are feeling me so beautiful than roses, and I want to touch them not for now but forever. Love you wife and be forever happy!
  • When I listen your heart’s beats, I only listen my name there. And when I see in it, I only see my picture there. I love you so heartiestly my wife. I never ever want to leave you!


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