Emjoi are creating some of the most unique and popular epilators on the market today. Many women prefer the design; the lower pain involved with hair removal and the ease of use of the epilators.


You can find emjoi epilators online at prices that you will not believe and you will be able to order and have them delivered right to your door without any hassles. You will be able to compare Emjoi Epilators with all other types of hair removal systems to decide which the best is for you.


Everybody loves to have great and smooth skin which is why people try several products and keep on testing them till they find the best one. However, to search for any good product, one requires time and money. However, even after all this effort, people often purchase something that is not quite right… These days, there are some great products on the market which allow you to get great results and can even be quite pleasurable to use. Rotary Epilators is one of these products and they have come a long way. One of the less well-known brands, Emjoi provides a cost effective way of experiencing the benefits of rotary epilators. The following provides more information about one of Emjoi’s latest products (as of 2010)


Emjoi AP99 Epilator


Emjoi AP99 Epilator is a twin rotary epilator which glides quite smoothly over the skin. As compared to other models it is quiet and also incorporates a strong motor. Also, the Emjoi AP99 Epilator comes with a skin safety feature. This feature ensures that the motor disengages if the skin is trapped in the tweezers. This mechanism is not widely used in rotary devices but generally well appreciated by users.


As previously mentioned the AP99 has a double set of tweezers, whereas some other rotary epilators only have a single row. The downside of having one row is that the same area has to be treated multiple times to remove the hairs which can irritate the skin… In addition to being gentler on the skin it is also quicker as more hairs get pulled at the same time.


The two rows of tweezers work in opposite directions which helps keep the skin stretched and removes the hairs with less discomfort. For those users that are looking for a device that can effortlessly remove fine hairs from their body might want to consider the Emjoi AP99 Epilator. All the features offered by this rotary epilator work very efficiently and allow people to enjoy great results. Also, If you need to perform your treatment quietly then this rotary epilator is one of the quietest…


In summary


As compared to other epilators, the Emjoi AP99 Epilator is quite expensive, but as the old saying goes: “you get what you pay for”. It has twin rows of tweezers, makes less noise than many, has a skin safety feature and typically gets great reviews. One of the real benefits of this device is that it can be recharged very quickly. Also, If you’re looking for a combination of treatments then the Emjoi AP99 can be used in addition to waxing to remove those unwanted hairs that the waxing treatment misses. Furthermore, this device can easily be used to access all the various curves and crevices around your body without having to resort to lotions on sensitive areas.



Some of the other brands that you might want to consider are Remington, Braun and Phillips. These brands have the advantage of being more well-known and have excellent warranty packages.

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