Effortless Looks That Will Make You Stand Out

Models spend hours preparing and being prepared before exiting onto the runway. In addition, long before the fashion show even begins, designers and other staff prepare the clothes they are going to wear, so those 60 seconds they spend walking is just the top of the iceberg of preparation. If you too want to be stylish, then you probably expect that elaborate preparation is needed. However, ordinary people who are not models lack the time (and funds) for such intricate preparations to step out onto the street.

That is why you need to have a trick up your sleeve on how to always have a look ideal for the occasion that you have achieved effortlessly. Time-saving looks are needed on numerous occasions, but the three most frequent ones are dressing for work, an occasional brunch, and a night in the town. In all these occasions ladies need to have a fashion combination that they can slip into in a matter of minutes so as not to waste hours on dressing up. Here is which looks will make you stand out from the crowd but you won’t break a sweat attaining them.

Dressing for the office

A more serious attire is needed when entering the office environment. Since it is currently Fall/Winter season, there is going to be a jacket or a blazer involved because of the chilly weather. The blazer you need is something that men wore back in the 80s. Think in terms of wide shoulders and possibly shoulder pads that are quite trendy today. Couple the blazer with pants of a similar design and wear a dress underneath it.

Summer’s favorite piece of garment, the skirt, transforms itself into suit-skirt during winter. These pantsuits never go out of fashion and can be combined with a simple white T-shirt. Alternatively, you can use contrast to get the message of style across. The more unexpected this contrast is, the better. For instance, a brownish suede jacket can be paired up with sleek black trousers, which is a bold combo that nobody would expect. Black and brown are a fashion “no, no” but it is all about the hue and the sleekness of the jacket and the pants, respectively.

Finally, you can go full retro. Besides the shoulder pads, you can get colorful shirts with puff sleeves that are so 80s. The shirt, or even better a blouse, can then be tucked into a pencil skirt or even business-like trousers that go well with the blazer.

The brunch attire

Brunches are halfway between casual strolls down the street and formal attire. That is why the style needed for them is easier to achieve. Dresses are the main piece of clothes that go well with a brunch, especially long ones with floral motifs printed on them. As an alternative, you can wear a floaty blouse as the top with numerous additions, such as knots, at the sleeve area. The dominant colors for these are light shades of blue and green. Basically, both dresses and blouses should be airy as possible, so it appears that the woman wearing them is floating through air when she walks down the street.

As far as the footwear goes, sandals with platforms are most desirable. If the season is summer, then espadrille can supplant the sandals if they are not your thing. Espadrilles are basically the sneakers of brunch footwear as they are considered sporty.

In the end, don’t forget details such as jewelry and sunglasses. The former can even have tassels on them, like necklaces and earrings but just make sure they are good quality. Instead of shopping at dollar stores, choose high-end Italian jewelry that is timeless. It goes well any piece of garment as well as sunglasses. Speaking of this accessory, light colored frames paired with dark lenses are in vogue this season.

Night in the town

The last category is perhaps the least innovative, but definitely the sexiest. Basically, the whole attire comes to the single most longevous pieces of women’s ware ever: the little black dress. Yes, it is still hip and no woman will look unattractive wearing it.  The best thing about it is that it has a single zipper so it goes on (and off) in a matter of minutes. You will be ready to hit the town in no time with a little black dress stored in your wardrobe. During cold weather, you are going to need a warm and preferably black blazer or a jacket to go on shoulders so you stay warm. When it comes to footwear, this season is dominated by black stiletto shoes which seem to have never left fashion since their introduction in the 1960s. Not only are they comfortable and easy to put on, but they go well with a black dress.

All the clothing items listed here, whether they are to be worn in the office, at a brunch or during a night out with the girls, have one thing in common: they give you the best of look with the least amount of effort. You will look stunning wherever you appear and people will think you must have spent hours dressing up, while in reality, the whole process of getting dressed took minutes to complete.

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