Effectively Turn Your Attic Into A Guest Bedroom – Here\’s How

Your attic is the holy grail of unused space: if you need an extra bedroom or home office, it’s the perfect room to convert and is much more affordable than a home extension. Your attic can quickly become a lovely guest bedroom to host family, friends, and maybe even that kindred spirit you met online, with the help of a few tweaks. This guide to turning your attic into a welcoming bedroom gives you everything you need to know for a smooth and efficient upstairs renovation—no hard hat required.

1. Inspect
Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to get your attic checked. While it might be the perfect space for storing holiday decorations and the past mother-in-law gifts you rush to put out before her visits, it might need some tweaking before it can become a livable space. This might include reinforcing the structure, insulation, and building a staircase to make it easier to get up and down (we know the MIL won’t accept a pull-down ladder!). Work with a contractor to make sure your space is up to snuff, so you and your guests can sleep soundly.


2. Paint
When it comes to decorating your new guest bedroom, you’ll want to stick with light colours that help reflect natural light off the walls to make the space seem bigger. Attics tend to be small and cramped, so anything you can do to give it extra space will make your guest more comfortable. Shades of white and cream will make the room feel airier and brighter, especially if you use furnishings in lighter hues. Usually, this would make a room feel like a stark hospital, but in the case of an attic, you can’t afford to create any shadows or dark corners (and not just because of the boogeyman).

3. Trimmings
Now that you’ve got the walls sorted out, it’s time to work inwards. Before starting on the furnishing, it’s important to make sure you’ve got your trimmings picked out and installed, like the window treatments and flooring. Most people get excited and start picking out furniture first, but it’s easy to find furnishings you love; the hard part is usually finding stylish, quality blinds that work with your windows. For attic bedrooms, your best bet is lightweight blinds that give you a combination of light control and insulation, like Roman or roller blinds. Attic windows can often be uniquely shaped, so avoid a headache and hassle by finding a company that offers custom window blind solutions. Don’t forget the flooring: since attics tend to creak, try using thick, soft rugs to dampen the sounds from above, or install sturdier floor joists if you have the budget.


4. Creative Storage
Unless you won the attic lottery, chances are you’re desperate for extra space up there. Make the most of what you’ve got by finding ways to work storage into every nook and cranny, like under bed drawers, shelving built into the walls, and open closets. This will help you avoid heavy, bulky furniture (who wants to lug that upstairs?), and create more open space.

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