Effective Stump Removal: DIY Tree Base Clearance Techniques


Tree base or stump removal by you may seem a bit challenging but it is not an impossible task for sure. Especially, if you have shortened a tree or two in your garden or back yard, it gets very important to remove the stump as it no longer remains relevant in your yard. There are many do-it-yourself options for tree base removal like chemical application, burning, grinding, hand digging etc. In case of stump clearance, the size of the stump matters a lot. While small to moderate sized stumps can be removed by you, the super large sizes need professional help.

As long as the stump size is within your DIY limits the process is straightforward and pretty simple but it is a tiresome and time taking process that requires much energy input and smart techniques. Step by step stump removal is the best way to go.

Smart Stepwise process for tree base removal:

  1. To begin with judge the size of the tree base, as it differs from a bush to a small tree to a really big one. In case of bushes, small to medium trees you will need only the following equipment to clear the stumps off:
  • A grassland bar
  • Sturdy Spades
  • Few elbow grease

In case of bog or really large trees chemical stump removers or tree grinders may be required in addition to the above mentioned devices.

  1. If the tree branches are too thick or woody it is better to first cut those off before you start stump removal. After all, comes to manageable sizes you can start digging the ground. Start by burrowing the periphery of the tree base. Dig up to at least two feet and leave enough room for gripping the base with the roots so that they can be uprooted. In case of small to moderate size trees and bushes trunks should be left at least four inches tall as the trunk height influences your power in a good way when you push the stump using the trunk as a lever.
  1. As you start digging the ground with a shovel, you need to try to make burrows away from trunk or main body, as the root remain densely packed close to the main tree body. This part of stump removal may seem tricky but with enough persistence it will only be a matter of time. Do it as if you are throwing the mud out of the burrow with your shovel. The channel should be dug in a circular fashion.
  1. When you start pulling up the roots you need to do it with the help of a grassland bar or lawn bar that looks like a big large chisel and is made up of sturdy heavy duty metal such as iron or steel. It has an even edged blade that must be finely sharpened for efficient stump removal. Using this tool needs some safety measure, such as wearing boots with steel plated toes, garden gloves and wearing protective eye gears. It is to be shoved inside the soil deeply and also some weight has to be put behind it, it them effectively pulls out the tree roots from the soil.

Start breaking and slashing out the roots vigorously with the bar. This will require all your strength. It is that part of stump removal that will test all your patience, capacity and physical fitness. But it is the final step too. Start from cutting the roots spread outwards and then swiftly move inwards attacking the central tree trunk. When enough roots are cut, dirt and soil will be automatically loosened and will in turn rock the tilt over the stump on the ground which you can then drag out with ease.

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