Education Marketing Tactics New Schools can Leverage in 2020

Opening new school in India is not less than an exhausting and long work. With many competitors around, making a mark for your new establishment could be overwhelming. Having right marketing strategy in place can turn out to be a real game changer. So here we are, with the top three education marketing tactics to make it work for you.


The recent time has seen a massive surge in the popularity and success of video content. In today’s time, videos are the most engaging platform so you don’t have an option other than adding them to your marketing plan.

Even in videos, there are a lot of options available. So, how do you choose the one that works the most? The answer is, tap into the world of live videos. Facebook Live is one option to start with. Schools can also create videos of their premises, infrastructure, faculties and even students. As these are realistic videos, people find them more credible.

Personalised Content

Parents are a more particular today, when it comes deciding upon a school for their child. They would want to get all the information on the website before visiting the school premises. For schools it is important to make the first impression right. Having a website with in-depth and personalised content can help parents get a better overview of the school.

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth travels faster than news, especially in the world of Instagram, Facebook and several other social media platforms. Turning to an influencer to spread a positive word about your school will go a long way. The reason for word of mouth being effective is because most prospects feel more related to a third-party opinion and trust it. Identify an individual who is renowned among your target audience, has a good following, and has the skill set to influence the audience with their words and posts.

The Final Words

When creating an online marketing plan, it is important to do the initial research. Learn more about the target audience, their interests, routines, online behaviour and pain points. You might need to come up with a different strategy for marketing videos and content.

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Sushmita is a blogger and academician. She teaches higher classes students. Sushmita has also actively participated in creating Montessori curriculum for preschool in India. Besides teaching, she loves to travel and explore outdoors.

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