The monster has spread its wings on the human species and is not in the mood to get calm soon. The international economy is on the verge of sinking. It is a big worry for the spots in different corners of the world that were on a fast pace of progress. This chaos has applied a sudden stop with a jerk to their development plans.

Edinburgh, yes, the hilly and progressive capital of Scotland is in the clutch of the drastic changes that happened after the attack of Covid – 19. From the daily lives of people to their big plans for the future, all are on trial to qualify on sustainability parameter. What retains, what gets lost can be known only by taking a look at whatever is happening in the capital city.

A Recent picture of Edinburgh

The coronavirus and its ultimate consequence of lockdown have tailored the way Edinburgh lives. Have a look at the different industries and services to know how Edinburgh is doing in the virus vicinity.


Usually, tourism is the primary industry to bear the good as well as bad results of any large scale incident. Filed with the pride of hilly locations, lush green area and still a growing urban area, the city is getting no tourists. The coming days and months are uncertain about the possibility of any positive change too.

Around £4 billion income of the city generates through tourism. There is a long list of the best places in Edinburgh, but nowadays every best place is empty and barren due to no visitors. The effect seems to rest for long, and the businesses based on tourism are staying at home like the residents.

Public transportation

The services have not been stopped entirely and a reduced number of buses, metros etc. are on the tracks. The frequency is not high, of course, to keep the right momentum of the concerns on social distancing. More frequent public transport may make people get out of their homes for varied purposes.

In the last centuries, Edinburgh has experienced lockdown for five times.

  1. The horrifying time of ‘Rough Wooing’ in 1544
  2. The atrocious plague outbreak in 1585
  3. The almost vicious Cromwell Invasion in 1650
  4. The bloody Porteous riots in 1736
  5. The destructive Jacobite occupation of 1745

Now, the city has a new intruder, the notorious Covid-19. The experience reciprocates with the need to follow the same discipline of lockdown. This means no 100% availability of public transport.

Registration services

The service that cannot be available for the people due to the well-known reason. All types of registrations are in the waiting room.

  • Marriage registrations, as well as the civil partnership registrations, have been postponed or cancelled.
  • Birth registrations are also in the postpone register until the services get normal. The local administration is waiting for any national process to send the registration details to the National Records Scotland.
  • Death registrations have nothing different to convey as they too have been put on hold to be registered later.

In short, everything is in a slow mood. Whatever service you talk about, it is not going to get normal soon. It is because; all such services become a significant cause of gathering a crowd of people at the local government offices.

The property market

Of course, here also, the impact is expected. But the thing is an essential aspect of the property market is just on partial lockdown, and that is the mortgage world. Yes, the lenders have taken back their high LTV products, but with an increased demand on the equity part, they are still processing the applications. The borrowers with 25% or more equity can expect to get on the property ladder.

The prices are expected to reduce from 5 to 10%, which makes the borrowers feel happy about at least one aspect. In this challenging time, the property viewing is banned, but the virtual tours are there on the websites of the mortgage companies. With countless doubts, people are taking the help of the mortgage broker in Edinburgh.

The existing clients of the brokers are worried about the processing of their applications. The new ones want to know if they should apply or not. By the way, according to the ubiquitous news, the existing applications will not be affected. Both the brokers and the lenders are processing them.

Waste and cleaning services

It is one of the few services going with the normal pace but with some dos and don’ts. It is more on its toes due to safety and hygiene concern.

  • The residents have been given the instructions on the safe and proper disposal of waste. It needs to be followed strictly because the recycling centres are closes as they have a considerable quantity of metal. This factor can make the city even more prone to the virus.
  • Litter bin collections and street cleaning will continue but with the limited visits of the cleaning staff.
  • Bin delivery and special uplifts have a ‘stop’ tag for an uncertain period.
  • The people have received the instructions to not to take their pets too far from their home as this can increase the threat.

Local Critical Resilience Services and Centres

It is for those with inadequate or no arrangements of protection. The people can call on varied emergency numbers provided on the Government website and can ask for the required help. The prime aim of this service and related centres is to help those in financial crisis.

The administration, however, has announced that only those with genuine needs should call on the provided numbers. Anyone making fake calls or demands may confront legal action and big fine or charge. The timings for this service are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Concluding picture

So? At least you have an overall look at the situations Edinburgh is going through. The short and straightforward message is that the efforts are mutual and with administration, the residents are giving their contribution too. It is a difficult time, but with the long history of patience during the lockdown, Edinburgh perhaps owns the skills to tackle such circumstances.

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