Eat Almonds to Blast Off Your Belly Fat

You have probably heard that almonds are among the best foods your body needs. They have been linked to helping the body in numerous ways including helping bring down blood pressure, providing the body with plenty of protein and fiber, can be easily stashed in the bag to be taken as a snack later and helps fill you up. Now, some researches have shown that you can eat almonds to blast off your belly fat.

New Weight loss study

According to a recent study, which was published in the Nutrition Journal, discovered a link between weight loss and daily consumption of almonds. According to the study, it is possible to minimize belly fat by eating almonds every day.

During the study period, researchers followed around 86 obese or overweight people for 12 weeks on calorie-restricted diets. Some of the study participants consumed around 35 grams of lightly salted, dry-roasted almonds each day. The remaining people were put under a nut-free diet. At the end of the 12 weeks period, the researchers discovered that people who ate almonds lost more belly fat and total fat compared to those who did not.

This does not come as a surprise because almonds are considered to have monounsaturated fat that is super-satisfying and loads of hunger fighting proteins. This has been shown to assist with weight loss especially belly fat loss. According to experts, a quarter cup of almonds contains approximately nine grams of monounsaturated fat and six grams of protein, and this contributes massively to belly fat loss.

The study revealed that people who ate almonds lost approximately one percent plus of their total belly fat. Conversely, their counterparts who were on an almond free diet did not lose even half of that percentage.

The reason behind almond success

According to researchers, almonds are in a position to reduce belly fat because they contain a high and unsaturated fat content. This makes them effective belly fat reducers. Experts have proved that unsaturated fats contain high rates of fat oxidation and this significantly helps minimize visceral fat.

Before you start an almond eating routine, you should note that the individuals who loss belly fat during the recent study ate a quarter cup of almonds only. This helped keep their calories levels in check. Most importantly, the participants were kept under a calorie-restricted diet, and this means that they were in a position to lose weight in any case whether they ate nuts or not.

According to studies, choosing almonds instead of carbohydrates such as muffins or bread can help reduce the possibility of a heart attack by reducing fat belly. Central abdominal fat plays a huge role in metabolic syndrome, which is a major risk factor for premature coronary artery disease development. Almond can act as a perfect food for weight loss and keep you away from all these risks.

Study results

Going by the results of the new study, choosing almonds as your food for weight loss and healthy low carbohydrate diet loaded with fiber and protein as opposed to high carbohydrates can help improve your cardiovascular health by minimizing some heart disease risk factors. Additionally, the study found out that almonds can as well help minimize belly fat.

Choosing almonds is a perfect way to minimize the danger of developing metabolic syndrome, which is a major risk factor for early coronary artery disease development. Additionally, nuts including almonds are perfect for individuals struggling with diabetes because they help stabilize blood sugar levels. The recent study has helped provide evidence for an ongoing research for almond as a heart-friendly food. They have already been shown to minimize cholesterol levels so as to maintain a great cardiovascular health.

The recent study also provides new evidence that consuming heart-healthy snack such as almonds unlike muffin snacks, which have high carbohydrate levels might as well result in a reduction of central abdominal fat. This reflects a positive change in the composition of the body.

A typical almonds serving is 20-24 almonds or one once. This almonds serving contains approximately 14 grams of fat and 163 calories. There are also about 6 grams of fat and 3.5 grams of fiber providing you with a healthy and monounsaturated fat together with omega three fatty acids.


Almonds act as great snacks and studies now show that they can be used to reduce belly fat. However, it is important to observe the right amount of almonds per day to ensure positive results. You might as well want to talk to an expert for guidelines.

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