Easy Way to Set Up a Yoga Space at Home

Every home needs spaces dedicated to specific roles. You can’t have a normal household without a few basic rooms/areas – kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/sleeping area. Throw a living room into the mix and you’ve got yourself a potential family home.

However, the ever-changing lifestyles of the 21st century offer optional ideas that are very interesting. We live in a time that celebrates individuality, so turning your living space into a combo of areas that suits your own needs becomes not only a prerogative, but something completely normal. These spaces include – creative areas for writing, painting, sewing etc., as well as recreational areas for your weight-lifting and treadmill sessions and a yoga space. The last one is getting a lot of traction lately, so if you’re among the interested, here’s how to set up a yoga space at your home.

Get rid of the distractionsGet rid of the distractions

Yoga sessions are similar to mediation, and it requires for you to calm your thoughts. It’s interesting to note these oriental techniques like yoga and meditation have become an integral part of the western world over the last few decades and even the architects are catching up with it.

There’s a whole philosophy behind designing a yoga room, but it’s not exactly affordable for everyone. If you by any chance have a room to spare and set it up for your yoga sessions, the first (and the most basic thing) you can do is take everything out of it.

Yes, every little thing that can serve as a distraction has to be taken out. Take everything off the walls and ceiling (except the light switch and lights themselves). If there’s a chandelier in the room, take it off and opt for the simplest light fixture.


However, taking the door out of its hinges is a step too far. You need the door to isolate yourself from the rest of the household. If your yoga space is not in a separate room, just try to set up the space as far as you can from windows and terrace doors, and set it up so you face the wall.

A thing that can be very helpful is a small and innocuous music player hooked up to a speaker. The music can cancel out all of the distracting sounds, but don’t let the music itself become the distraction. The most sensible thing is to throw all the Beyoncé’s infectious beats out of the list and add a calming hum of binaural beats.

Walls and floors are important

As mentioned before, you have to take all the possible distractions off the walls you face during your session. However, it doesn’t stop with the paintings. In many households today, interesting wall decorations are a welcome design, however, in your small yoga corner, it is verboten.

Should the need arise, buy a bucket of paint and redo your walls in the yoga room, or repaint the portion of the wall you are facing exclusively during yoga sessions. Plain white is good, but you can also go with a bright and warm color, something pastel and non-aggressive.

Easy Way to Set Up a Yoga Space at HomeAs far as floors go, try to cover at least the portion of it with simple interlocking rubber tile gym flooring that will, in the case you topple over due to outlandish asana escapades, protect you from hitting your hip on a hardwood or (even worse) cold tiles.

A regular mistake

People tend to fill out their yoga session space with decorations that are related to the discipline. These may include distasteful “oriental” figurines, incenses and chakra paintings. No matter how tightly this decor is related to yoga, you simply don’t need any of it. It will not motivate you, it will only distract you.

By following the instructions above, you are guaranteed to end up with a yoga place of your own that is bound to become a treasured space. The only thing you have to do is to persevere with the practice through all the hardships and tumultuous lifestyle changes. In the end, it will end up becoming a true sanctuary that will transform your life.

People have different temperaments, but no matter what kind of a character profile you are, each of us needs some time alone. These lonesome hours are often precious moments that help us recollect our thoughts and, in order to do it right, we all need a space we associate with this calming state and therefore easily “slide” into the “groove” every time we enter.

Easy Way to Set Up a Yoga Space at Home

Yoga and meditation spaces require comfort and lack of distractions, so once you start stretching out, you’ll feel the tension leaving your body and your daily worries whisked away with the lightness of breath.


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