Easy steps to install a water filter system at home

Today, each one of us understands the importance of fresh and clean drinking water! There are many individuals who opt-in for the age-old way of boiling water as their go-to to drink pure water. Though it might seem one of the best ways to drink pure and clean water, that doesn’t take away all the germs and impurities from the water. Water contaminants and pollutants should be eliminated from the water for it to be pure and clean. And the only way to do that is by opting in for a water filter system. And today, you have access to many brands selling their best water filter systems to people at an affordable price.


Installing the correct type of water filter system is essential. One that makes use of a filter cartridge placed beneath the sink and provides clean drinking water via a sink to spout is a straightforward process to go opt-in. Simply put, it’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) task. And executing this task at hand engaged in mounting the filter unit inside the cabinet and then connecting the plastic tubing to the existing cool water pipes, making use of a specialized saddle valve.


Today, you will have access to multiple kinds of water filters that gets sold both offline and online. It also comprises the dual-cartridge device such as the RO (Reverse Osmosis) system, which works similarly. However, this water filter also makes use of an under-the-sink storage tank which holds clean water. It is further attached to the sink’s trap as it discharges the wastewater. And both the types don’t need any electrical power. To know more about this, you can browse through AquaoxFilters.com and read more.


Simple steps to install a water filter system at home


The filters within the cartridge-based AquaoxFilters.com filters should get changed at regular intervals. It should get changed usually twice a year. Any changes in the taste, flow and even the smell of the water are the telltale signs that the filter cartridges need replacement. You can refer to the following steps to install a water filter system at home.


1.      You have to mount the dispenser                           

The majority of the dispensers are designed in a way to fit the extra hole present in the sink top. However, just in case this hole is entirely occupied, you need to make yet another drill inside the countertop or the sink. You can go ahead with the manufacturer’s direction for the size and location of the hole. You only need to make a drill inside the stainless-steel sinks. Just in case, yours is all porcelain sink, and you have to drill the dispenser via the countertop. 


2.      You need to install the saddle valve

You must tap inside the present cold-water supply line through a sale valve. And to install the saddle valve, go ahead and turn off the water supply. You can then directly open the faucet for draining the line. Drill a little hole inside the supply line by following the guidelines given by the manufacturer. You need to turn the valve handle for exposing the lance, which gets designed in a way for puncturing the water. After that, you will have to place this valve over a pipe in a way that the lance perfectly fits the hole. After that get the valve’s backplate attached. You also need to tighten the nuts for locking it correctly. After that, the lance can get screwed in. 


3.      Protect the cartridge filtration unit

You have to position a cartridge filtration unit approximately between the dispenser and a cold-water line. Make sure that you leave the appropriate clearance in between these systems. Also, allow the cabinet bottom to replace the cartridge. Furthermore, you have to secure the equipment to a cabinet back or the wall along with the screws that are given to you.


4.      You have to hook the equipment

For this, you have to start by cutting plastic to a specified length that needs to reach in between the system and the saddle valve. You have to cut it short enough so that it doesn’t sink as well as long enough to enable the installation of a brand-new compression fitting, much later if required. Furthermore, you should press the tubing inside the compression fitting and also thread the same inside the saddle valve. Go ahead and tighten that with a manageable wrench.


5.      Attach the filtration unit with the water supply line

You have to insert the opposite end of every tubing to yet another compression fitting. Next, you will have to thread that on an inlet port of the system’s filtration unit. Use your hand for tightening the nut. After that, you have to create another turn or turn half using a manageable wrench.


6.      You have to connect the water dispenser

Lastly, go ahead and cut a fraction of the tubing that will run right from an outlet port of a system to your water dispenser. Insert your compression fitting on both your ends and then simply thread the nuts inside the system and the dispenser. You will have to switch on the water supply and then open water dispenser. Allow the water to run for close to five minutes for flushing out any air pockets or carbon particles. Today, the majority of manufacturers will suggest that you allow the water to keep running for at least 20 seconds before you start using the same.


These are some of the simple techniques using which you can install the residential water filter systems. Science and technology are expanding at a faster pace, and this is making different brands to come up with advanced water filter and purifier systems. Each device has its own set of benefits and is also priced very differently based on its features and advantages. You can select one depending on your water filter requirements, preference and your budget capacity. Furthermore, certain water purifiers need to be installed by a professional staff that the company will appoint to you. In such situations, it’s best to allow the staff to do the installation work than getting involved yourself.

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