Easy Changes to Make When Moving in with Your S.O.

Moving in with your S.O. is a big step not only in terms of your relationship but also in terms of finance and lifestyle changes. It could be a great and mature decision that presents a new chapter in your lives but it’s also something to prepare for and plan ahead if you want it done smoothly. 

The property you’re moving into needs to undergo a few changes before you move in. This will make it more comfortable for both of you and it gives you a chance to discuss each change and decide on them together.

Gender-neutral colors 

One area on which couples rarely agree is the color palettes and therefore, the overall ambiance created by the color choice. It’s best not to go with something too whimsical or out there but to agree on muted and “gender-neutral” colors.

This isn’t only a better solution for couples, it also provides you with a variety of options when decorating in general. Neutral colors can be used to let the décor and the furniture pop and really become statement pieces instead of just mundane household items.


Sectional sofas

Sofas often have a big role to play in the living room design since they’re the largest piece of furniture you have and are used for entertaining. Combining the living spaces of a couple also means combining your social lives and the place should be ready to entertain a larger group of people.

This is where sectional sofas come in handy. They could be used as one single sofa turned towards the TV or an entertainment center or could be divided into pieces and thus separate your guests into groups across the room.


It’s the smaller and decorative items that make a home truly yours and that’s why they shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to the design. Homewares boutiques such as Crave Wares provide cushions, napery, scarves, bed throws, furniture, doormats, and all the other details that turn a property into a home when they are carefully chosen.

The key to making your new place a home for both of you is to make these aesthetic decisions together and to choose the décor that will blend your sense of style into one that you’re both happy with.



The bathroom will probably be the most difficult room to reorganize to fit the mutual lifestyle. That’s because there’s always a need for more storage and a couple of more bathroom items to keep. The key to having a bathroom that’s comfortable and soothing to both of you is to use clever storage ideas whenever you can. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do it, even in a small bathroom.

For instance, you should consider mirrors as storing opportunities since you could put a lot of items behind them. Also, make sure to utilize vertical storage space as much as you can, because it’s often underused.

Something new

In the end, most of these tips are about how to combine your lifestyles and set up a common living space. This isn’t enough in order to truly start a new life together; you’ll need to purchase some new items that will be shared from day one. 

Purchasing such items has more than just an aesthetic and design role, it’s also important in terms of symbolism since it’s a good way to mark the new stage of your relationship. It’s a purchase on which you need to agree and plan for together.


There are many ways to adapt and prepare for moving in with your significant other. Some of them are about preparing your new home and making it a comfortable place for both of you. This need to be done together and with long-term plans in mind.

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