Ease Your Anxiety By Redecorating Your Home

Anxiety. It’s something that many people struggle with on a daily basis, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the United States today. However, there are many effective ways you can cope with anxiety, and there are several emotional tools you can learn to help combat anxious situations.

For instance, changing your surroundings can be a simple, yet powerful tool when it comes to reducing anxiety and making you feel calmer. Our homes have a big impact on our health and well-being, so making sure you’re living in a soothing, calming space is key. Whether you’re facing situational stress, or you’ve been diagnosed with clinical anxiety, here are some ways you can ease your pain, just by redecorating your home:

Declutter your space

Look around your house right now. Do you see a bunch of piles of paper on your coffee table, clothing scattered everywhere, and other forms of disorder in virtually every nook and cranny of your space? You’re not alone, but here’s the thing: Living in a cluttered house is bound to exacerbate your anxiety. It’s so important to get rid of junk and embrace minimalism if you want to cultivate serenity in your home, and in your own mind.

Deep clean your house and get rid of anything you no longer want or need, then make an effort to put everything away instead of leaving things strewn about. You could even invest in organizational tools, like extra bookshelves, storage containers, and closet organizers, if this will make it easier to put things away. Keeping your home as clutter-free as possible will undoubtedly influence your mood and make you feel better almost instantly; a little effort goes a long way, in this case.

Choose a soothing color palette

Did you know that colors can have a huge effect on your mental state? It’s true! For example, blue is a very comforting color that can make you feel more relaxed and centered and even help steady your breathing and lower your blood pressure. (We especially recommend redoing your bedroom in shades of blue.) Yellow is a cheerful, mood-brightening color, while a soft, neutral gray can help create a calming effect. Red and orange, on the other hand, are more aggressive and mentally stimulating, so it’s best to avoid these colors as much as possible if you’re struggling with anxiety.

Give your home a soothing makeover by painting your walls gray, blue, or yellow, and watch your mood skyrocket. We promise.

Create soft lighting

It’s easier to relax in soft lighting, so if you can, choose soft light for your bedroom and other living spaces. Also, natural light is so important for our well-being, so make sure you’re getting plenty of sunlight in your home—sunlight actually helps to relax your body and clear your mind. One great way to get your sunshine fix is to install gauzy curtains in your bedroom; this way, you can feel the sun on your face first thing in the morning. Talk about a wonderful way to wake up!

Get some greenery

Plants are our friends, especially when we’re struggling with anxious, sad thoughts and life woes. Particularly if you’re someone dealing with clinical anxiety, investing in a little greenery can do wonders for your mood and make you feel comforted and cozy. Houseplants do way more than purify the air in our homes (though they definitely do this), they’ve also been proven to reduce tension and stress—even just a well-placed succulent or two can improve your mood. (Succulents are also very easy to care for.)

Toss the TV

Maybe it sounds radical, but the truth is that getting rid of your TV is a fantastic way to help alleviate your anxiety. Not only are TVs a huge source of distraction and stress, but they also emit a blue light that can interfere with your sleep. If tossing your TV doesn’t sound doable, you could at least cut down on your usage by only keeping one television in the living room (not in the bedroom) or putting your TV in a media cabinet. Even then, make sure to monitor you aren’t simulating yourself with TV in when you are already feeling anxious.

Visualize your ideal living space

When you think about what type of décor brings you peace and happiness, what springs to mind? What colors and furnishings make you feel more at ease? Ask yourself what your ideal living space looks like, and then decorate your home accordingly. In addition, you could treat yourself to small touches—for instance, a fancy candle, an essential oil diffuser, or a piece of artwork you admire—to help reduce anxious thoughts, and make your space feel happy, well cared for, and most of all, peaceful.

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