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Dumpsters for Different Purposes -How Can YouChoosetheRight One? - Likeitgirl

Dumpsters for Different Purposes -How Can YouChoosetheRight One?

There are waste related issues in your house, your backyard, your street, in industrial areas, commercial sites, construction sites, etc. Not only these regular waste generating areas, but also, waste is generated on a large scale in one-time tasks like renovation, remodeling, demolition, etc. of your house or some piece of property you own. All of these waste problems have a solution only if the entire process of waste management is properly planned and executed from loading to hauling and then disposal.

Although many junk removal companies provide you with full proof garbage management solutions, they cost a fortune and also have a lot of drawbacks. The dumpster solves all these drawbacks and issues. The Dumpster is the modern age’s answer to the growing issues of waste management in different walks of life mentioned above. It is basically a horizontal box-shaped container which has wheels for independent functioning or is attached behind a vehicle like a truck or a lorry, to fit in all the waste which is then transported to the dumping yard for disposal.

Types of Dumpster Choices Based on the Purpose Served

Based on different activities and the degree of their scopes, the dumpster variants have been developed.

  • Residential Dumpster:As the name suggests, these are mostly 10 cubic yards capacity dumpsters, designed for medium-sized household garbage management activities. You can dump any size of household waste from small pin to an old refrigerator in this dumpster just up to a certain limit of quantity. It is suitable though only if you have a house of around 400-600 square feet.


  • Yard work Dumpster:When you dedicate a particular day to cleaning up your surroundings, especially your backyard or front yard, there’s a lot of natural waste generated in the process. The different waste items include old worn out trees,twigs, and stems, dried leaves, mulch, spoilt flowers and fruits, etc. All this waste is obviously impossible to be gathered and disposed of by either yourself or by professional companies. In such cases, a Yard work dumpster which is mostly 10 cubic yards in capacity or at times 20 cubic yards capacity, comes in handy. You can put all of the waste in this dumpster as, and when it is generated and also, due to the mobility factor, the process doesn’t take much time as well. These dumpsters are very popular because uprooted trees are extremely tough for regular junk removal companies to load and dispose of.


  • Construction Dumpster: One of the wondrous achievements of dumpsters is their ultimate utility at a construction site. This is because at a construction site there are a lot of problems related to debris disposal which are practically impossible for the manual workforce to manage. Firstly, the presence if dumpsters at construction sites mean that workers can direct throw various pieces of debris as and when the construction progresses. Secondly, since the debris is immediately put into the dumpsters, there’s no potential for injury to the workers while they are operating on the site. And also, the speed of gathering and disposal of the waste is increased by multiplied levels of efficiency.


Mostly garbage removal companies can’t manage the enormous amounts of debris which easily fits into the dumpsters. And also because the debris generated in constructions consists of hazardous waste materials like toxic rubber waste, half filledaerosol cans, exposed radioactive materials, hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, oils contaminated by toxic solvents, flammable fluids, etc. it is impossible for any company to take responsibility of managing such waste. Although such hazardous waste is also not allowed to be dumped in dumpsters, you usually get a complete plan from the dumpster company for the treatment of such waste.



  • Industrial and Commercial Dumpster:Unlike Household activities, where the quantum of garbage generated is quite limited and small, in case of industries and commercial area, huge quantities of waste are generated without any estimation on a daily basis. Therefore, the type of dumpsters used in household cleaning cannot suit industrial waste management. Industrial waste consists of heavy quantities of metallic waste, toxic liquids, industrial solvents, sharp materials, etc. wherein segregation is manually impossible, let alone the disposal. The cost of treating certain pollutant effluents is high too.


But if a 30 to 40 Yard dumpster is hired on a weekly or monthly basis, it becomes easier for the workers to regularly put the injurious metallic waste and other items in the dumpster.


  • Roofing Work Dumpster:Apart from Dealing with household waste and Upkeep of your back yard, there’s one more activity which requires you to hire a dumpster at your home. But in this case, you need a bigger dumpster because the process of roofing generates a lot of debris beside all the other waste materials. Firstly, you need to remove the entire existing rooftop. Generally, an old rooftop is entirely made up of concrete, so a lot of debris is generated. But after this step, the next step involves installing roof tiles made of metal or rubber or stone coating, which further increases the mess because tiles need to be fitted symmetrically. And in the quest to fit the tiles perfectly, a lot of tiles and auxiliary material is wasted, i.e., lands up into the garbage.

All of this debris, tiles, metallic waste, etc. is generated in huge quantity and therefore requires a 20 or 30 yard dumpster, and the type of dumpster specifically suitable for this activity is a Roofing Dumpster.


  • Concrete Dumpster:If you own a construction company and if you regularly have to deal with a lot of miscellaneous debris like bricks, rocks, sand, asphalt, metals, etc. Then all you need is a concrete dumpster. These dumpsters come in varied sizes depending upon your requirements. There’s not much difference between these and construction dumpsters, except for the fact that construction dumpsters can be affixed at several spots on your construction site, while concrete dumpsters are only installed behind trucks.

To hire all these varieties of dumpsters, you have to find and contact with the best dumpster company in your area. If you are resident in the Austin City of Texas, you can simply hire the dumpster services of Austin Dumpster Rental.


You need dumpsters for every type of garbage management activity. Be it at your home cleaning, or your backyard upkeep, or your construction site, or at an industry. The degree of waste generation in all these cases differs, and therefore there have been a variety of Dumpster types developed. Based on your needs you have to choose the dumpster type accordingly, then it can be a residential dumpster for home cleaning, or an industrial dumpster for industrial waste management.

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