Dry Flowers – Beautiful Keepsake of All Your Memories

Memorable Moments

Flowers are considered to be time honored gifts for almost every occasion. Many people treasure them as they bring back nostalgic memories of the one who had given you these flowers. While some like to treasure them in notebooks as a perfect memoir and there are some other who like to dry them to preserve its sentimental value. With these drying techniques you can send flowers to Delhi or any other destination of your choice with an assurance that they can be preserved by your loved ones from one of these techniques.Every Rose has a silver Lining

If somebody has gifted you a bouquet of roses air drying works best which will be best suited to preserve the sentimental value for your special someone. When you are air drying your flowers, it is expected to cut the stems to a desired length not shorter than 6 inches and to ensure that the color of the flowers are maintained it is best to remove it from sunlight. Either bunch them together or hang the bouquet of flowers by tying them with a help of a rubber band. Don’t forget to remove the excess foliage too. Look for a darker place where there is no sunlight which allows them to hang flowers upside down and leave the flowers for 2 to 3 weeks.

The Sweet Surprises

If you are planning to preserve a single flower then go for our microwave flower drying technique which will help you in maintain the color and the structure of the flowers. This drying technique is used by many florists in Delhi. While drying flowers with the help of a microwave, use silica gel which will help you in preserving the shape of the flowers. You can use a microwave container which is covered with silica gel. Put the flower blossoms into the gel and once they are fully immersed, add some more gel but make sure you pour it gently to ensure that they don’t get flattened. Heat it for 2-5 minutes and you can increase the heat and time as needed. Once the container is out of the microwave cover it for some time and let it sit for 24 hours. Clean the gel gently with a help of a fine brush and preserve the beautiful memories that you have with the flowers that has been gifted to you.

Pink N White Basket Of Flavours

You can send flowers to Delhi for a Wedding or an Anniversary, and these drying techniques will help you in making keepsake of your memories which is easier than you think it is.

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