Dress Up Your Little Girl with These Tips

Ask just about any parent of a little girl: girls clothing is just so much fun! There’s way more variety than boys clothing, moving beyond pants and shorts and tops to dresses, skirts and oh so many accessories. If you’re into fashion, it’s a dream come true. However, if you and fashion aren’t fast friends, picking out a special outfit for your daughter (or niece or granddaughter) can see more like a nightmare.


Fret not! Here are some ideas to help you dress up the little girl in your life with confidence and style. Read on.


1.Identify the Statement

In every outfit for anyone of any age, there should be a statement piece. Maybe it’s the polka dot shirt, or hot pink dress or super poofy skirt. Maybe it’s the sequined pants. Whatever occasion you’re prepping your princess for, you first must decide what you’d like to be the statement piece. This is the hardest part, because everything else is going to draw from this piece. That’s the bad news. The good news is once you’ve picked it, the hardest part is over!


2. Let Her Have a Say

Ever tried to get a kid into an outfit they hate? It’s like trying to dress a barracuda. Depending on the occasion, your little girl may not have much say in the statement piece (like if she is a flower girl at a wedding), but giving her some control over her look will give her a sense of ownership over the outfit, which will make her more receptive to it.


Easy ideas: Allow her to pick an accessory, like bracelets or earrings or a stylish hair piece. Or, give her options when it comes to her shoes or stockings. You are still in charge of the look since you are giving her the options from which she can choose, but she feels she still has a choice, and to a kid who is always being told what to do, this is big.


3. Pick Trendy

If you’re going to the effort of dragging your little one out of her favourite leggings and t-shirt and dressing her up, then you may as well go for an outfit that stands out. Sure, all little girls look cute in the frilly, bubble gum dresses that you see everywhere, but therein lies the issue: you see them everywhere. Venture of the beaten path into more inspired style, like girls dresses from Kido which showcase beautiful, distinctive designs that don’t look run of the mill.


4. Consider the Feel Factor

We adults may suffer through wearing an itchy dress or skirt with an uncomfortable waistline all night, but little kids aren’t going to suffer in silence. If you want your wee lass to look good and actually feel good, read the labels to see what material the clothing is made of. If the material is synthetic, wool or bamboo, it will likely irritate your child’s skin and result in rashes, and a whole lot of whining. Spare yourself the scene and opt for natural fabrics like cotton, merino, silk, linen, cashmere, hemp or alpaca.


5. Shoe Success!

You know this: if you’re feet are uncomfortable, you’re miserable. Having your little girl dressed to the nines only to be sporting runners or worse  — crocs (gasp!) — is just a shame. To ensure you pick out shoes that are perfect, measure your child’s feet from heel to the tip of the longest toe. Have this as a reference when you shop and DO NOT buy a size bigger. Buy shoes that fit. Big shoes can cause slips, trips and falls, so budget be damned: safety first!

Use these tips and you’re guaranteed to enjoy a stunning success for the look of your little one, and peace of mind for you. Happy styling!

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