Dress for Success: How to Make Your Signature Look

Angie Karan once said: “YOU are a signature to be dealt with and inspire, only when you move into your authenticity.” To have a signature style is to have a style that reflects your personality and the message you want to communicate. All relationships begin with a first impression, and your image and appearance are a huge part of it. That’s why it’s important to think about what kind of message you want to send to people in your business world. Although it may seem like a daunting task, with the right tips and some practise, you’ll be on top of your game in no time.

1. Dress for success.

There is a certain connection between our current mood and the way we dress. One seems to affect the other. Also, the way we dress can change the way we perceive ourselves, therefore, the way we feel. When creating your signature business look, the first rule of thumb is to choose the clothes you feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable wearing skirts then don’t. The sense of discomfort will be a constant distraction from your work, and you won’t be bursting with self-confidence. Get yourself a good-quality, tailored suit. It’s a timeless classic that you’ll feel great in, and it’s so versatile that it still leaves you enough freedom to accessorise and have fun with.

2. Make a statement with your accessories.

Clothing is a way to present yourself to others and one thing that you have absolute control of. Dressing for success means that you have to keep in mind the job you do. You want to look smart and professional, and to leave the impression of an intelligent, strong, and confident individual. However, to create your signature look is to have something that people will associate only with you. That’s why smart accessorizing is important. Taking classic pieces like a black suit or a little black dress and adding statement accessories like a chunky necklace or a bold colourful bag will transform the whole outfit. Adding your personal touch is a signature that will make you stand out.

3. Let your hair do all the talking.

Many people will agree that hair is among the first few things they notice when they meet someone for the first time. Also, the majority of women will testify that great hair boosts their confidence level. Having this said, it’s time to make your hair your thing. If you lack inspiration, Australian Hair Fashion Awards may provide you with some fresh new ideas. Finding a good hair salon like At Confidente is imperative if you want to make your hair a part of your signature look. Professionals like these will create a style that works best for you. Depending on your physical characteristic like the shape of your face and the style you’re striving to, good hairdressers will make you leave the salon full of confidence and looking your best.

4. Pair up your favourites.

Just like a favourite band or a favourite restaurant, I’m sure you have favourite outfits, too. They are the ones that you always go for when you’re in a hurry because you know they make you look good and feel great, too. That’s fine. If they have proven to be the showstoppers, there’s no need to change them. What you could do, though, is to keep them together in your closet. This way, you’ll have them hanging out ready. Also, change up a piece or two from time to time to keep things interesting and trendy.

5. Boost your confidence.

Maybe the most important piece of advice is to own it. It’s not only about what you wear but the way you wear it as well. If you want to make a good impression on a potential client, new boss or your colleagues, it’s important that you present yourself as a confident person. If you’re not, don’t let that get you down. Like any other skill, it can be mastered by practising. Clothing can help you with that. Choose the pieces that will emphasise the good things about both your appearance and character. Own your flaws, too. Only by doing this, you’ll be able to make your self-confidence become your signature trait.


The impression we make is solely up to us. It’s one of the rare things we can control and manipulate. Boosting your business career starts with your wardrobe. With the right tips and some practise, you’ll soon start dressing for success. By creating your signature look, you’re also working not only on your fashion style but on building up your character. Work on your authenticity and stay true to yourself. That’s the best signature you can leave.

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