The winter has taken cold weather to new heights across the country, wind storms, heavy snows, and sub-zero temperatures have all become frequent words you can check on your weather apps. Spring is coming but there is still time for some winter activities like hiking or just taking a walk in the mountain and why don’t do it in style? Various fashion brands used them on the runways, and hot IT girls like wore them a lot in different occasions. We are talking about the fashionable and warm down jackets. If you have the habit of watching photos of streetstyle fashion, you should know that the down jacket is a major trend this season, and has already penetrated every corner of the street! With the successful transformation of down jackets by designers in recent years, it is not too difficult to select a down jacket that is both fashionable and practical. Most people would find it’s difficult to keep trendy and warm at the same time, well, you don’t have to worry, because here are some equally fashionable and warm tips to help you get to Spring in one piece and always fashionable:


1) Down fabrics should have windproof, waterproof, and breathable properties.

2) Lightweight and soft are requirements for almost all the clothing, in addition to warm and stylish, comfort is also very important. The soft fabric not only increases the comfort but also improves the thermal performance.

3) Check the quality of the fabric before make any purchase.

4)  Purchase a dark color down jacket and embellish it with a colored scarf or bag. Black is the long-standing hegemony of winter women’s clothing. Year after year, the basic black match is a fashionable security card.


5) Don’t be afraid to mix and match your outfit with your down jacket. Do you know that the down jacket looks good with pants and also with skirts? (Shorts aren’t the only thing you can wear in the summer, but you can also wear it in winter, try them out with a hoodie, boots and a down jackt).


You can find thousands of brands for comfortable and well made down jackets, today, among all those brands, we selected Lapasa, a Canadian brand that sell lifestyle clothes on Amazon, and their 90% duck down and 10% waterfowl feather downjacket. It comes in 4 colors, black, blue, navy and burgundy, and 4 sizes (from S to XL). 550-fill Down insulation provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio and made this puffer jacket and is very compressible. We chose Lapasa because the quality of the jacket is very good and they respect the quality standard we discussed before and also because their price is really affordable, the jacket is 29.99$ on Amazon ( yourself a last glimpse of winter with our suggestions and let us know how you prefer to wear a down jacket and what your favorite color for a down jacket is.

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