Double Hung Windows: An elegant design for modern homes

Your choice of windows can make a great deal of difference to the overall appearance of your home. Choosing the right window style has the power to elevate the look of your space and add a contemporary, modern feel to it. Homeowners today may be spoiled for choice but double hung windows remain a popular pick for both practical and aesthetic reasons.     

The term ‘hung’ is used to refer to the number of functioning window sashes. In a single hung window, only the lower sash is movable while in double hung windows, both the upper and lower sashes can be opened or closed. This makes them a smart and practical choice for your home – without compromising on appearance. Here’s why you should choose double hung windows to add a dash of elegance to your modern home:     

Better ventilation

Double hung glass windows can provide two times the ventilation that single hung windows do – where only a single sash can be opened. The excessive ventilation makes these windows an ideal match for rooms that may feel cramped or require more circulation. In areas such as bathrooms, having ventilation helps prevent moisture-caused issues such as stains, mildew, odour and damp surfaces.

Easy maintenance

Caught in the paucity of time, it is important for modern homeowners to use equipment that can be easily maintained. Double hung windows are especially popular for their effortless maintenance. Both sashes turn inwards to give you access to the entire window, without needing to step out. This is even more important in case of homes on a high floor that cannot be accessed directly from ground level.

Elegant Appeal

Every small detail that you put in your home eventually helps in building its overall character. Double hung windows bring with them an elegant design appeal complimented with an unmatched ability to uplift any room in your home. The windows can be customized in terms of size and frame to accentuate the overall character of your space.


The best part about double hung windows is that they can be simply matched to suit the look and feel of any room – and further elevate it. They can be dressed up with bold curtains and accessories just as easily as they can be dressed down for a clean, minimalist look. You can decorate the outside of the window with a box full of fresh herbs and seasonal flowers for a natural, organic appeal.

Safe and steady

Especially suitable for families, double hung windows are among the safest choice when it comes to homes. Having two sashes gives you the power to open the upper sash and keep the lower sash closed so you can ensure that your kids and pets remain safe. For greater reliability, buy from trusted manufacturers such as AIS Windows. They offer a host of uPVC doors and windows including noise cancelling uPVC glass windows, burglar-resistant windows, energy saving windows, airtight windows, pollution free windows and more. No matter what design or function you have in mind, AIS Windows will definitely have a high-performance solution for you.

Apart from the benefit of convenience, easy maintenance and safety, double hung windows are certainly a great aesthetic addition to your home. Whether you’re renovating an existing space or building a new home altogether, choose double hung windows from premium quality window manufacturers like AIS Windows for a special touch of functionality and elegance.          

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