Does your graphic design companies doing justice to your logo?

As the competition is rising the need for an eye-catching design for the branded business promotion is also rising. There are numerous top graphic design companies that claim to be providing a unique and fresh logo or graphic designs. But the sad reality is that today most of the designs of logos and graphic pictures that you see on the Internet or on the promotion ads are very similar to each other. Well, the question is here that are you getting a unique logo design from the top graphic design companies? To find out the answer to this question let us throw light on how some services creates logos:

Overusing of the logos

The issue with most of the top graphic design companies is that they provide generic logo designs to the customers. The brand logo is something that should be used in a creative way and should appeal to the targeted customers. Most of the services only change the initials of the copied logo and provide the logo to the new customer. This way the client won’t even be able to get the Trademark for the logo. Moreover, due to the overuse design of the logo, the client won’t be able to have any kind of impact on the target customers with his or her brand’s logo. If this is the case then the client is going to lose both: time as well as money.

Fake designers

But why do we face such a kind of issue? Even though you may be hiring graphic designers from top graphic designing companies, there are chances that you may stumble upon taking graphic designers. The reason behind this and that many designers and not qualified or are doing the designing work just to earn bucks. Such designers let’s creativity and that is the reason why you get generic logos for your brand. This is the reason why before hiring from top graphic designing companies you must try to know whether the designers are real or fake. Here are some major differences between a fake designer and a real graphic designer that you should know:

Research and Concept

The major difference between a fake designer and a real one is that a designer can only create new logos with the help of research and analysis. The more the design of research the more will be insights for the logo. A fake designer would not focus on don’t research and rather go for the variant of the logo design. Many top graphic design companies have designers who are known for providing unique and original work. The main reason behind this is that these designers listen to what the client is expecting what the logo design. A fake designer would not be considered the clients’ expectations and create whatever he finds best.


Any person who is interested in learning is open to criticism. If a person pays attention to criticism then there is room for improvement and also learning new skills. A good designer will listen to every issue that you are facing regarding the designs that have been created. Many top graphic design companies look forward to the revision work. As by doing so the satisfactory rate of the customer increases and at the end you get a creative design. But most graphic designers are not open to criticism and often ignore the client’s request for revision. A fake designer would stick to something that seems easy for him and won’t look for learning new skills or new techniques.

Meeting the Deadlines

If you are running a business and your project is of utmost importance for you. Management is an integral key to run your business successfully. There are some top graphic design companies that understand this and delivers the logo and design timely. But again some graphic designing companies only claim to provide them the final product before deadlines but instead delivers the design late. The major issue with this is that if you are not able to execute the business plan at the right time then there are chances that you may miss the opportunity of attracting your customer. If this happens then there are chances that it is going to affect your revenue as the conversion rate will decrease. A good designer will never start the work at the last minute and make sure that within the allotted time he provides you a creative design for your business.

Open to suggestions

Will you get the desired result if your graphic designer welcomes your suggestions? The answer is “No”. Some top graphic design companies are always welcome for revision and changing the designs as per the client’s need. This is when a good designer would get more involved in the project by asking for more suggestions and questions related to the project. By doing so, the right type of design can be delivered to the client.

A bad designer, on the other hand, will not be open to suggestions and will not consider making the changes or revisions that are requested by the client. If this is the case, then there are chances that you will get a logo that helped you can convey the ideas and concept of your brand to the customers. This will result in a considerable loss for the client as the targeted customers won’t be able to connect with the brand.

The design and logo of your brand should be design carefully so that you can focus on generating revenue with the help of conversion.  For that, you need to hire graphic designers from the top graphic designing companies available. Avoid falling into the trap of the fake designer by doing a background check of the previous work offered by the company. Go through the testimonials and have face-to-face communication so that you can know the actual behavior of the company towards its client. Hire good graphic designers from the top graphic design companies so that you can get the work that you deserve!

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