Does The Eyelid Surgery Take A Longer Time For Recovery?

When it comes to the facial features, there’s no doubt that blepharoplasty or the eyelid surgery could make a noticeable difference. The eyelid surgery in Atlanta is one that helps to correct droopy eyelids or the under bags of the eyes to give them a younger and fresh look, in fact, more rejuvenated compared to before.

For this reason, several people consider the eyelid surgery and soon become anxious to show off their features. After the surgery, it is advisable that patients should give themselves enough time to heal properly, which is necessary for the results to show.

Just like any other procedure, you need to know that the eyelid surgery also involves a recovery period following the surgery. If you know what to expect post operation, this is sometimes necessary and important to expect during the procedure.

As you go through this post, you will be able to learn about what exactly goes on in the recovery from the procedure. In addition, you will be able to learn about proper care during the process of healing, including the length of the process.

What You Should Expect Post Operation

In normal cases, patients can undergo this procedure on an outpatient basis or enjoy an overnight stay in their hospital. Their surgeon can decide on the right type of approach, depending on the condition or situation of the patient. Following the eyelid surgery from reliable experts, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery, it may be necessary for you to stay in the hospital. Keep in mind that the best recovery environment will also help to ensure proper healing.

As far as the process of healing or recovery goes, patients can often expect some swelling and redness around the incision areas. It’s possible that the eyes tear excessively, dryness may occur and you should expect some swelling or redness around the incision area. It’s possible that the eyes will tear properly and excessively. In case of dryness, the surgeons may recommend the use of ointment. In general, you should know there might be a temporary blurring of your vision, which is a common side effect of the surgery. A part of the healing may also include sensitivity to light.

Post Surgery Care

You should be aware that after your lower or upper blepharoplasty, your eyelids will typically feel tight and this comes with soreness, which some analgesics can treat properly. After the first few days of the surgery, your surgeon may recommend the use of ointments to treat the incisions and keep the eyes well lubricated. In addition, using cold compresses will help to reduce the eye swelling, and eye drops will prevent the eyes from drying out.  It is important that after the surgery, patients should avoid any activities that could dry the eyes; this includes watching television, reading, using the computer, and wearing contact lenses. To minimize bruising and swelling, you should keep your head at an elevated angle during the first few days of recovery. The doctor will take some days to evaluate the condition of your eyes before patients can resume their normal day-to-day activities.

It is advisable that for the first few weeks of the surgery, you should wear dark sunglasses, which will help to protect your eyes from drying out and irritation the sun or wind causes. During the first few days, it is recommendable that patients have frequent naps. Avoid any form of activity that would increase the flow of blood to the eyes, including lifting heavy objects, bending, crying, and sporting activities. Your surgeon would advise you on the right time to revert to your normal lifestyle.

How Long Is the Duration of Recovery

Keep in mind that the recovery from the eyelid surgery will often take some weeks. It takes about two weeks to remove the stitches. In the first week of your surgery, give your eyes enough rest. The swelling and redness will occur after the procedure effects fade over time. The recovery time approximately takes about two weeks post surgery for people to return to work, but complete healing can vary.

The recovery period for some people could be long or short, some people go through depression, some have bruises on their face, and they will have swollen eyes. However, for others, within just a few days of their surgery, they see a change in their appearance. Often, the eyes of such patients appear bigger, and brighter, which is one of the outcomes of the procedure.

Before your surgery, you should make sure that you consult experts, who can take their time to guide you well on the right options and techniques available. Caring for your eyelid surgery in Atlanta is not difficult. You should make sure that you choose the best surgeon, preferably, a board certified one, and stay away from sunlight, follow the right precautionary tips for quick healing.

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