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Do Dogs Like Hugs and Kisses from Their Parents? - Likeitgirl

Do Dogs Like Hugs and Kisses from Their Parents?

Hugs and kisses; these two affections are one of the most heartwarming things one can shower upon anyone. While a majority of humans love this act of comfort, dogs, on the other hand, tend to behave differently as far as hugs and kisses are concerned. In fact, a recent study has found out that most canines prefer not being kissed or hugged by their pet parents. Surely, this cannot be true because with the right training and correct (hugging and kissing) technique, you can possibly make your furry pal crave for more hugs and kisses, right? Well, read on as we delve deeper into this by answering some frequently asked questions related to dog, hugs, and kisses.

FAQs About Dogs, Hugs and Kisses

Questions have flooded the internet regarding this conundrum as to whether one should hug and kiss their furry munchkin or not. That and many more questions relating to the same have been answered below.

Does my Dog Really Like Being Hugged and Kissed?

Depends! Just like every person is not the same (some may like something while others might like a different thing), dogs too behave differently to a hug or kiss. Moreover, to answer this question in a simple way, let us tell you a short story. There was once a diminutive woman, who upon seeing her friend’s cute little dog placed her arms over and hugged her. In doing so, the dog broke eye contact and tried to pull herself out of it due to either stress or suffocation.

The moral of this short story is that most dogs would refrain from being hugged or kissed due to stress and suffocation. Also, it is important to note your buddy’s behavior. If he’s in an aggressive mood, don’t even think of hugging or kissing him. On the other hand, if your pal is in a happy mood, you can hug and kiss him, but be gentle while you do so.

Be gentle if and when you hug and kiss your dog

Why Do We Want to Hug and Kiss our Dogs?

We do so because we love them and also because it is human nature to act like that. Hugging and kissing dogs come naturally to humans, but humans must learn to observe their pal thoroughly before going all in. It is important to read the dog’s body language and comprehend whether or not he is in the mood to take a hug or kiss from you. Moreover, be careful as far as children are concerned. They may unknowingly go and hug or kiss a ferocious or angry dog with the likely chances of getting bitten by it. So watch out!

Understand your dog’s body language first before hugging or kissing him.

How Does My Dog Feel When I’m Hugging or Kissing Him?

Hugging or kissing a newly adopted dog right away is not the smartest thing to do. Of course, such an action will make him confused and react absurdly. Give him time to first adapt to the new atmosphere, get acquainted with you, etc. On the other hand, if you have a trained dog whom you have taught to take hugs and kisses as a positive reaction, then there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Go all in and hug and smooch your pooch. Furthermore, if your dog gradually gets accustomed to your hugs and kisses, and realizes that these are forms of you showing him affection; he will certainly cave in and ask for more of the same.

Give your dog time to comprehend that your hugs & kisses are ways of you showing affection towards him.

Is it Safe to Hug and Kiss My Dog?

Last but certainly not the least, hugging and kissing your dog can be dangerous because dogs transmit bacteria, many of which are zoonotic, meaning they can be easily spread from dogs to humans and vice versa. But if you want to hug and kiss your furry buddy, make sure the necessary vaccinations have been given to him before you do so. Also, check and see he or she does not have any diseases such as fleas and ticks. It is recommended to use pet supplies such as Nexgard or Frontline Plus for dogs to keep them happy & healthy.

Ensure your fur baby is vaccinated and disease-free before you go all in to hug and kiss him.

We hope this blog has assisted you in overcoming all your doubts about hugs and kisses related to dogs. The bottom-line is, know your dog, the consequences associated with it, etc, before you move forward to hug or kiss him. Good luck!

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