Do Consult an Orthodontist to Get Your Precious Smile Back

Smile is the USP of humans. It is an attribute of the facial feature that can be controlled by the people. A smile of yours will speak more rather than the words. It always has a positive impact on the mind of people you are in conversation with. A convincing smile on your face has the power to tackle even the most difficult challenges but it is seen that some people avoid smiling even if the situation is such that they can. At times it can give a very bad impression to the others. Imagine that all the people around you are smiling and laughing but you are the only one resisting it. There must be some reason behind it and that can be the crooked teeth which people can see when you smile or laugh.

To avoid such kind of embarrassing situations, it is better to be aware of your oral health and if you notice any kind of deformation in your teeth or the alignment of the teeth is disturbed, you must seek the advice of an orthodontist. They are specialized in treating such problems and have taken special training for that too. They are the best people who can realign your teeth and give you back your precious smile.

Don’t Confuse an Orthodontist with A Dentist

The word “ortho” doesn’t always imply that something has to be related to the dentist. There are various other branches in medical science that uses “ortho” as a prefix, here it refers to orthodontics. Some people have a misconception that doctors’ practicing dentistry or the dentists and the ones practicing orthodontics are both same. According to them, in general, the term dentist is used while orthodontist is a proper medical term but this is not true. Although they share many similarities and might even work together in some cases yet both are different. A dentist looks after the oral health problems of people which may include several diseases related to teeth and gums while the latter only deals with the medical complications related to the alignment and the bite patterns of the teeth. The patients must be aware of the following differences between the two:


  • Can diagnose and treat diseases which affects your teeth, gums, and mouth
  • Are not specialized in any branch of dentistry
  • Can advise you about the basic dental care
  • Perform dental procedures like a filling, tooth whitening, crown, and other procedures.
  • They are ones who can refer the cases to an orthodontist if orthodontic treatment is required.


  • Dental specialists having specialization in orthodontics branch of dentistry.
  • Experts of dental growth and facial growth.
  • They diagnose as well as treat the bad bites, crooked teeth and improper alignment of the teeth.
  • Can exercise orthodontic treatment on people and are familiar with the technologies used.

How to choose an Orthodontic?

Since they are specialized in the field of rectifying misaligned teeth, you may get an opinion from them for the use of braces or for deploying other methods to align the crooked teeth or rectify the problems of bad bites. You must choose the services of an orthodontist who is equipped with all the tools and techniques deployed for the rectification of the problems of the jaw alignment, most common of which are as follows:

  • Braces – This appliance uses a metal wire to straighten the teeth and keep them tight
  • Aligner – Fabricated, removable, and visible from a distance
  • Palate expander – Widens upper jaw’s arch
  • Headgear – Retards the growth of the upper jaw whilst pulling the front teeth back

You must be very vigilant about your oral health. If you witness any kind of distortion in jaw alignment, you must not delay in getting an appointment fixed with an orthodontist.

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