A comfortable ambiance of either a country wedding, backyard wedding, barn wedding, or woodland wedding is becoming more popular than the usual weddings hosted in luxurious venues. The major advantage to rustic wedding is that the couple has the opportunity to add many personal touches to every part of the event. Additionally, thanks to the rustic theme, you can be eco-friendly and make numerous low-budget details yourself.



Vintage suitcases will be the perfect addition to the wedding décor. One way you can use them creatively is to make a perfect container for a fresh take on the guest book out of a suitcase. Additionally, by stacking suitcases and opening the one on top, you can make them a place where you will collect handmade wedding cards your guests will make for you.

When having a rustic DIY themed wedding you’re free to incorporate any item that crosses your mind into the decoration, and it can look amazing when you adjust it to the theme. Turn the ladder into a fabulous wedding display. Have the first letter of the bride’s and the first letter of the groom’s name on two separate ladder steps, and put an “&” in between; add a jar with flowers on the side of each letter and make an outstanding display for your big day.

Multifunctional Wine Barrel


One of the most prominent parts of rustic wedding by far is a barrel, because it can be used for numerous purposes. Have three or four large sturdy wine barrels and make a fabulous shabby chic dessert table. Smaller versions of a barrel can serve as the cutest centrepiece if you fill them with bouquets. Medium size wine barrels will look gorgeous next to the chairs placed in the backyard for guests to sit during the ceremony. Place a jar with a candle in it and a bouquet on the barrel to achieve the ultimate rustic décor.

Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations should represent an introduction into the rustic wedding you are planning. Make them in the way that will give the guests a glimpse of what they can expect on the wedding day. One of the options for your unique and extravagant wedding invitations could include rustic letterpress with a gorgeous calligraphy design that stands out on the kraft paper. By adding lace or burlap, you will add a touch of elegance to the wedding cards. Create an ivory rustic chic wedding invitations from recycled paper, and present it in an elegant box with a handcrafted tapioca flower and an ivory burlap string.

The Cake

A simple frosting, surrounded with things from nature, placed on top of a rustic wooden wedding cake stand is what makes the rustic wedding cake perfect. The art of making cakes has evolved so much over the years that you can easily teach yourself to make a cake that will look as if its frosting is made out of a tree. Whether you choose to make it round or square, three levels are necessary for bigger weddings. As far as the colour scheme is concerned, use white, brown, yellow and green. Covering a cake with a rustic buttercream icing could also be a great idea, and it would give the cake that authentic chic look.

You will have countless wedding ideas once you start planning for the big day, and choosing only one theme will probably be difficult, but we recommend rustic as the best choice. Not only will you save money by making numerous DIY items, you will also preserve the environment and have an eco-friendly wedding.

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