DIY Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

There’s so much that you can do about your home’s resale value even without embarking on a lengthy home-improvement project if you only knew how. You see, there are so many issues that deserve your attention, so many boosts that can be done with little effort. Seeing as how the materials themselves seldom tend to be the bulk of the project budget, by avoiding the need to hire commercial painters and handymen, you’ll further boost the ROI of your project. With that in mind and without further ado, here are five DIY projects that will most definitely increase the value of your home.

Painting the accent wall

Painting your home gives it by far the greatest face lift, especially due to the fact that it helps you revamp the largest surface on its interior. However, it is also a time-consuming project. This is where painting the accent wall comes as a particularly great idea. Think about it, it’s not just about cutting the time necessary for the painting itself, nor is it the money you’ll save by purchasing the necessary paint. It’s also about not having to cover all of your furniture or move it to the other room. Here, you can just make some space in front of the wall you intend to focus on and get to work.

Replace your wood floor

Another thing you can do is replace your wood floor. This is a double-edged blade, seeing as how DIY may save you as much as $2,500, even though it’s not something that a complete layman should attempt to do on their own. Nevertheless, you don’t have to replace the entire floor, you could opt for a more frugal alternative of replacing broken boards and refinishing the rest. In this way, you get an impressive visual boost for a surprisingly small amount of effort.

Work on your bathroom

Your bathroom is the single most functional room inside of your own home and inspecting it may be the simplest way for a potential buyer to make an estimate of how well-maintained your home actually is. Broken tiles can easily be replaced, however, problems with drainage or a leaking fixture may be a tad outside of your scope. This is why it is worth consulting an expert from a company like Solved Plumbing, even if you don’t tend to a commercial plumber, later on. In some other scenarios, a clog or a leak can be fixed with a simple home-made solution, still, it’s always great to get an opinion of an expert.

Convert your loft

By remodeling your loft, you can add an extra room to your home, which, automatically boosts its resale value. In most cases, the alteration is so minor that it doesn’t even require you to apply for any kind of special permit. The only extra expense you’ll have to undertake is hiring a commercial electrician to do some wiring. Apart from this, the rest is a fairly simple DIY project, no matter how you decide to look at it.

Fix your front door

The first impression makes all the difference in the perceived value of an asset and your home is definitely not an exception to this rule. This is why you need to do a bit of work on your front door. The thing about this work is that it’s incredibly frugal and simple, due to the fact that painting it doesn’t take much time (a lot smaller surface than the wall). Aside from this, due to the absence of furniture, the preparation stage is a lot shorter. By ordering a custom-made home number and a brand-new floor mat you can easily turn the tide in your favor.

In conclusion

The last thing you should keep in mind is that being able to do something on your own doesn’t mean that you have to do it. Still, handling some things in a DIY fashion might free up some funds for you to invest elsewhere. Either way, just by knowing that you have a more frugal option available can be incredibly liberating.


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