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You have extra time over the weekend to work on simple home improvement projects. Without the help of an expert, you can complete the DIY projects on your own. Below is a list of DIY home projects that you can complete within a single weekend.

Create a Hand-Painted Wallpaper

Over the weekend, you can make your wallpaper on a low or no budget. Decorate your bathroom walls, bedroom walls, or any other favorite spot in your home with the wallpaper. You can make Hand-painted wallpapers in a variety of ways. At home, you can use a projector or a grid method. For a simple and inexpensive homemade wallpaper, follow the steps below.

Grid Hand-Painted Wallpaper

The grid method makes transferring an image from paper to the wall simple. Although this method cannot improve drawing skills, it is easy to use in any space that a projector cannot. It also makes it easy to enlarge an image on the wall with low technology.


  • Step 1: Choose a pattern

Choose the most appropriate pattern. Download the design with an empty grid and a grid overlay to practice drawing before you begin. For easy installation on any wall, repeat the pattern on both sides.

  • Step 2: Create the grid and paint it

Draw the grid on the wall with a straightedge rule and a mechanical pencil. Paint over the pencil lines next. Use a small brush to reference the pattern and draw it on the wall.

Make a Nice Workshop or Garage

With a prefab steel building kit, you can build the structure of your dreams on your own for a low cost. You can construct a perfect garage, workshop, or storage with prefabricated steel over the weekend. If this is your first building to build,

consider a steel building kit that is strong, durable, and simple to put together.

Building kits come in a variety of colors, giving you a lot of options. After installation, prefabricated steel requires little maintenance and can last for decades. Furthermore, to build a structure out of prefabricated steel, you’ll need some basic knowledge and requirements.

Build Shelves in the Garage

After you’ve built your garage out of prefabricated steel, you’ll need some shelves to store your tools on. Shelves will assist you in organizing your tools, ensuring that your garage does not become a disorganized dumping ground. Use any of the following DIY shelves to transform your garage into a more organized space over the weekend.

  • Create hooked shelves

If you don’t have enough space on your garage floor, use the ceiling to create storage shelves. Use a thick wooden plank and chains with hooks at the end. As hooks connect the top and the base, the wooden plank will serve as the foundation.

  • Squared storage

These open shelves are common in kitchens. Installing these shelves will provide a great place to store your tools, spray paints, and other items.

Make an Entryway Organizer

You can have some orders on the entryway during the weekend by installing some shelves with hooks. When you walk in the door, entryway organizers will provide storage for your winter robes, keys, and mail. You can also put a plant decoration on top of them.

DIY Entryway Organizers Ideas

  • Wood box wall unit

Mount a wooden box on the wall where you can place things you seem to misplace in the house.

  • Coat racks 

When going outside during the cold season, you will dress in layers of clothing. You’ll need a coat rack to hang your clothes and other belongings. Consider adding a picture ledge to your entryway to make it more appealing.

It should not be a dull weekend for you. Participate in the above DIY project to update the look of your home.

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