Digital Trends We Need to Embrace for the Global Goals

Every era comes with its trends and challenges for individuals to make it to the top of those trends. As we are living in a digital era, digital trends are on the rise. Some are more popular than others. You should be aware of all these trends if you are a digital creator, marketer, blogger or influencer. Here are some of the upcoming trends to check out…

Captioned Short Videos

Viewers are supporting a new trend when watching videos. They are literally, JUST WATCHING videos. And not hearing them. Hence, reading the videos. It’s like you won’t listen to the lady giving you details about all the Spectrum Internet packages in a video. Instead, you will turn the video to mute and read the captions.

Taking the lead in this trend is AJ+. The channel produces content with the best and the most descriptive captioned short videos. Following the example of AJ+, Reuters has begun delivering the majority of its news in the same way on Twitter.

Tip: Keep captions in mind when creating videos. People read videos and not listen to them.

Interactive Platforms

Passive reading is obsolete. Readers no longer scroll through their feeds mindlessly. They are always eager to come across an element of surprise. For example, an image popping out of nowhere while they are going through a certain blog or website. This keeps them engaged. Many platforms are employing the use of such platforms that bring their stories to life.

The New York Times produced one of the most impressive examples of such content. It was a piece created on the 200 girls that got kidnapped in Nigeria by Boko Haram. The haunting tone is what best describes it. Images of women appeared as the reader kept scrolling down. Thus, giving the reader a feeling that he is walking through a museum.

Tip: Think of how you can add an element of surprise to engage your audience better.


Humans of New York is majorly responsible for giving birth to this trend. The short and personal quotes by individuals intimately connect the audiences. Stories are very strong devices and no one knows this better than Humans of New York. An authentic voice should never be underestimated.

Tip: every content that you add should tell a story.


These animated images are a new way of getting your message across. Often hilarious, GIFs add fun to the content. However, not many would have thought of using the GIFs to tell a story. Coming up with this unique trend was ICRC for Syria Street. The company created an interactive platform to introduce you to the many residents of a prominent multicultural street in Lebanon. The result? Intimate and 3-D content that grabbed the attention of many.

Tip: Follow trends but do not be afraid to flip it on its head and create something extraordinary.


As humans, we often find it hard to accept some of the society’s elements. Comics help to build that bridge and allows individuals to provide an emotional cushion. The result? Even the bitterest realities become digestible. Thus, serving the purpose while not offending anyone.

Tip: When in a difficult situation, turn to comics.


With and humor, two things that one should have in abundance. Because everyone resorts to them at some point during their day. If you want to make a point, as they say, take help from storytelling. However, if you want to get several points across at once, nothing better than a joke. In the past, many companies and platforms have made use of this digital trend to draw in fans. Hence, getting the message across to many.

Tip: A joke a day keeps the doctor away.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is the new Snapchat. People are ditching the latter to post more on Instagram. You should shift to this trend as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Instagram stories are way better than Snapchat. The platform is constantly revolutionizing the way people can tell stories. The ‘stories’ feature on Instagram allows organization sand companies to talk to masses more than any other platform does.

Tip: Instagram should be your new best friend.

Collaboration with Influencers

If you think that you can get away by not collaborating with any blogger, vlogger or influencer, you are wrong. These influencers can help boost your business more than anything. You cannot build your brand alone these days. No matter how hard you try. The sooner you realize it, the better.

Tip: Get onto searching the influencers that would be most suitable to promote your product/service.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, these are some trends that are on the top right know. And no harm in following trends. I am a sucker for trying every trend. I chose my Optimum Internet package following a trend that I saw in my close friends’ circle as well. You can very well imagine how seriously I take ‘trends’.

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