Different Types of the Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges have become an essential element in all makeup kits. It is this element that is responsible for keeping your makeup from going drab by sticking it together. Given the importance of sponges in makeup, it becomes important to discuss its types, uses, and benefits.

Beauty Blender

They are the most popular cosmetic makeup sponge in the market. This sponge has a unique design that allows it to give detailed shapes even in the smallest of areas. Due to the hydrophilic nature of its material, it is commonly used after completely soaking it in water so as to avoid the foundation from getting sucked into it.


It is mostly used with liquid foundation and cream foundation. Additionally, this product can also be efficiently used for applying congealers. It is commonly assumed that beauty blender can only be used with liquid formula but if need arises, it works great even with powders.


Highly efficient in applying congealers in small areas.

It is good for sheering out foundation.

It is also highly useful for refreshing the makeup.

Cellulose Sponges

These cosmetic makeup sponges are made up of natural cellulose derived from plant pulp. This makes them highly gentle and also allow you to use them from both sides.


They are primarily used as a makeup cleaner. Other than makeup cleansing, they are also highly useful for skin care. This is because they are great at cleaning pores and providing skin exfoliation.


This sponge is highly suitable cleaning makeup on people with sensitive skin.

Triangular Makeup Sponges

They are one of the earliest produced sponges and highly useful during quick makeup application. Although many users have complained of uneven distribution, the problem can be solved by adequate soaking.


They can be conveniently used with liquid foundation, concealed, and illuminators.


The primary benefit of this sponge is its high speed application. Since this product absorbs less amount of water, it allows you to apply right amount of makeup every time.

Cosmetic Sponges

These sponges commonly come in circular and triangular shapes. They are highly popular choice for both liquid and dry makeup application.


This cosmetic makeup sponge is mostly used to apply powders and liquid foundation.


By soaking all the moisture, they let your foundation look perfect all day long.

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