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Different types of Oral Surgery - Likeitgirl

Tooth infection, loss of teeth, gum diseases, impacted wisdom teeth etc. are some of the reasons why oral surgery is required. There are different oral surgeons for different kind of oral conditions. Such surgeons have specialization in different areas of the mouth. Your family dentist can help you ascertain the type of dental problem you have and accordingly refer you to the surgeon.

some of the most common types of dental surgeries performed by the surgeons.

Oral Surgery

1. Tooth Extraction: It is the most common type of oral surgery and there are plenty of reasons why tooth extraction surgery needs to be performed. One of such is the impacted wisdom tooth removal. The impacted wisdom teeth may over time become painful leading to misalighment of the other teeth. Moreover, food can easily be trapped around the wisdom teeth which may result in tooth diseases and tooth decay. Some of the reasons of tooth extraction includes removal of overcrowded teeth, extraction of decayed tooth which cannot be repaired and lots more.

2. Dental implants: Dental implant is now-a-days becoming one of the strongest devices to support teeth replacement because it allows the artificial teeth to look, feel and function like your natural ones. It holds your crowns to match your natural teeth and fit into your mouth. Therefore, it is the best teeth replacement option which makes your artificial teeth looks like real and surely helps to improve the smile and self-esteem of the person.

3. Root canal surgery: This type of surgery is performed by endodontist surgeons and is mostly recommended now-a-days. This treatment is used to repair and retain a tooth which has become badly decayed or infected. This treatment would be done when the dentist treats the cavities initially.  If there is excessive damage to the pulp due to tooth decay, prolonged injury to the gum etc and which can be repaired, the endodontist has to extract the decayed tooth and clean the pulp. The surgeons can restore the teeth or remove it, and this totally depends on the level of damage.

4. Corrective jaw surgery: Orthognathic surgery is the medical term for jaw surgery and in this process the surgeons have to focus on the alignment of the jaws. The corrective jaw surgery needs to be performed for reasons like dysfunction caused by deformation, trauma to the jaw, incorrect jaw position which may affect your facial appearance, difficulty in doing the basic routine like chewing, talking, breathing, incorrect bite and lots more. Such kind of surgery is performed by maxillofacial or oral surgeon.

Oral Surgery

5. Removal of lesion and biopsy: In this type of oral surgery the surgeons remove a partial part of the abnormal growth on the tissue that is suspected as being diseased and send it to the lab for proper testing. Biopsy will be performed on the sample in order to determine whether the person has oral cancer or not. Some lesions can be treated medically but, in some cases, the oral surgeons will have to remove it. Oral surgery can be used as a combination of treatment with radiation therapy to treat oral cancer.

6. Sleep apnea or snoring treatment: Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which the breathing of a person is affected while sleeping and this can be because of the blockage in upper airway. Along with other medical treatment for curing sleep apnea, oral surgery is also a good option to undertake in this regard. It involves removal of excess tissue from the back of the throat which will clear the airway and lessen its symptoms. Other surgical options for treating sleep apnea includes removal of the tissue, jaw repositioning, stimulation of the nerves, tracheostomy where a new air passageway is created, tissue shrinkage etc can be performed.

Besides these there are many other dental conditions where oral surgeries are required. The cost of oral surgery totally depends on the type of dental problem and the type of surgery. You can search the surgeon online or ask for recommendation from your near ones and get the best one at hand. It is always advisable to opt for a reputed surgeon as they are experienced and can help you to come over your dental problem efficiently.


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