Different Types of Facials and their benefits!


Once every month, women visit the beauty parlour for a facial massage. And especially before they have any special event to attend, be it a wedding or a party. However, most women go in for the same type of facial every month, not knowing much about all the other types. So, let us take a look at the various facials for women.

The Clean Up – A basic clean up thoroughly cleanses, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin. The unpleasant whiteheads and blackheads are removed by steaming the face. It is important to go for clean-ups often to avoid skin problems. Once the steam is given, the scrubbing is done. After the scrubbing, they apply a cleaner to further exfoliate the skin. The clean-up is great for all skin types. It reduces the tan, removes blackheads, and provides a glowing complexion.

The Basic Facial – These do simply cleaning, steaming and massaging. If you do not have a very high budget, this facial will suit your pocket. Also, the basic facial is good for problem-free skin. You might wonder what then is the difference between facial and clean-up. In the latter, the skin is massaged for a much longer time.

Special Facial – The special facial is a little more detailed than the basic one. They use hypoallergenic creams to moisturize the facial skin. They use face pack depending upon the type of skin and accordingly special products are used. This type of facial is best for people with sensitive skin.

Bio-lift Facial – In such facials, apart from massaging, cleansing, etc., they also use treatments, which lighten the dark circles. They use a bio-mask in this facial, which tones the skin, and thus, makes it look younger.

Paraffin Facial – Generally, paraffin facial is done to brides. A unique paraffin mask is used on the face, which locks in the rejuvenation and anti-aging creams, which are applied on the skin. The mask helps better absorption, thus bringing back the glow of the skin.

Acne Facial – This is especially for those who suffer from acne, particularly teenagers. The process includes cleansing, enzyme acid exfoliation, hot vapour mist, pore extractions, anti-bacterial mask, and electric disencrustation. This should be performed once every month to see changes on the face.

Collagen Facial – Collagen facial includes an exfoliation, which has many phases, a warm vapour, lymphatic massage, pore cleansing, and paraffin masque to lock up the hydrating effect. Liquid nutrients are used, and the laser treatment is done. This facial is very good to both heal as well as prevent skin from environmental damage and dark circles. It works well for all skin types.

Golden Facial – Much to your surprise, real 24 carat pure gold is used in this facial. It easily penetrates into the skin. This is an amazingly rejuvenating facial. Gold has a strong effect on the lymphatic drainage. It helps in the removal of wastes and toxins too. New cells are thus regenerated. The masks that are used also contain gold.

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