Different Types Of Crystals To Give As Gifts

For centuries, people believed in the power of crystals for holistic wellness. It reportedly has the power to attract positivity and beneficial energy to enter the body. It can also help in getting rid of toxic and negative vibes in a person’s life. These perks may have encouraged you to start investing in natural crystals to turn your life around and live a healthier and more progressive lifestyle. It may also inspire you to share the advantages to your loved ones by sending them crystals as gifts.

But picking up a type of crystal for other people may not be as easy as shopping for yourself. According to Australian online crystals shop Dante’s Luxury, the right crystals for your personality will be the one to call out your attention. You will immediately know that it is what you need in your life as soon as you see it. But if you are shopping crystals for other people, the shopping process may become a little complicated.

To help you select the right crystal for a gift-giving purpose, you need to know the different types of popular crystals in the market. It will help you decide if the recipient would benefit from all the amazing features these crystals can do to their life.

Here are some most common crystals offered by different shops nowadays.

Rose Quartz

One of the most helpful crystals that you can send as gifts to your loved ones is the Rose Quartz. According to ancient feng shui beliefs, this crystal promotes love, peace, and healing. It encourages the owners to develop a deeper sense of self-love. If you have a friend who could use more love in his/her life, whether from within or from anther source, this crystal could be the best option.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is another favourite among crystal collectors because of its amazing perks. You may give it to your loved ones to increase their protection, especially if the receiver usually is always on the go. It can also provide good luck to the wearer, and alleviate illnesses in different body parts like the throat, eyes, and reproductive organs.


If you want your loved ones to be protected against all types of negative energies and vibrations, you can send them a Pyrite crystal as a gift. According to the experts from Dante’s Luxury, this unique crystal can help block all forms of negative energy. It can also reportedly enhance a person’s self-worth and get rid of frustration and anxiety.

Black Tourmaline

This pyroelectric and piezoelectric crystal can provide plenty of healing benefits for all its wearers because it can release the negative ions from a person’s body. It is also long believed to attract better health, luck, happiness, and positivity. It can also reportedly increase a person’s alertness and relieve anxiety and stress, helping your loved ones remain healthy if they use it every day.


Sending someone special an emerald crystal could help the person succeed in his/her love life. It can reportedly encourage domestic bliss and attract loyalty from their loved ones. This crystal can also stimulate the person’s use of their mental capacity, helping them remain focused on their tasks. Those who have it can also have a better muscular system, stronger heart and lungs, and improved vision.

These are just some of the most useful crystals that you can send to your families and friends as gifts for special occasions, or if you feel they need healing or energy enhancements. You can base your gift on their current situation to know which crystal can give them the most benefits.

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