Different Types Of Bathing Suit Tops And Bottoms For Women

There is a dramatic evolution seen in the swimming suits of women over the years. From the classic one piece of 1920s to the different types of bikinis of the 1940s, we have come a long way. Today when we talk about women’s bathing suits, choosing a top and a bottom are not only falletring choice to make but at the same time it’s tiring too.  Though the options are endless, the question of where should you start, still remains the same. To help you out with the same, we are here with different types of women’s bathing suit tops and bottoms. Depending on your body shape and size, you will have better options to consider this way.

Types Of Bathing Suit Tops

Here is the list of women’s bathing suit tops that can be considered by women of different body types and shapes.


It is a type of tube top that is made from one single piece of fabric. A bandeau is meant to wrap around your upper body and provides some underwire support. All those women who are not too busty should definitely consider this top as an option. Also, women with rectangle or pear shaped bodies can also buy this as their bathing suit top.

One Shoulder

This is a style statement for many bathing suit tops. It adds the much needed flair to a simple bikini. It anyway provides more and better support than a bandeau but is still not a considerable option for many. The fact that it draws all of the attention towards the bust keeps these tops combined to women with pear shaped bodies.


Halter tops are quite famous amongst women’s bathing suit tops. They are stylish, allow greater breast support and therefore provide better coverage. With various cuts, ties and clasps these tops add a lot to the style and fashion. Halter tops are best for women with hourglass and apple body shapes.

Types Of Bathing Suit Bottoms

Here are different types of women’s bathing suit bottoms that can be considered by women with different body shapes.

High Waist

High waist bottoms, as the name suggests, sit on your abdomen unlike the standard bikini bottoms. They come in various lengths, some hit above the belly button while others can go as high as your bust. High waist bottoms can look good on almost every body type but as they highlight the smallest part of your waist, they are best suited on women with hourglass shape of apple figures.


It is the extended layer of a bikini bottom that is shorter than a traditional skirt. With various lengths and styles, these skirts are the ebay fit for women who are looking for more coverage at the butt and thigh.


Hipsters are a type of women’s bathing suit bottoms that sit right on your hips. They provide medium coverage and are an ideal choice for women with hourglass body shape, or inverted triangle and rectangle shapes.

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