We all want our wedding day to be perfect and spectacular like the ones we see in movies and TV shows. We start dreaming of it when we are still children, so we expect a real fairy tale when we grow up and the day of our wedding ceremony comes. Yet, the reality gets to hit us in the face and shows us that things are not always how we want and imagine them to be. When planning a wedding, there are just so many things we need to focus on, and we have a lot of obligations and responsibilities. It can be quite stressful, so here’s a list of things to do to help you and make things easier!

A priority list

It’s a lot easier if you put emphasis on certain things, so you need to prioritize and decide what’s less and what’s more important for you and your future spouse. Is it the wedding cake, the catering, decorations, photographer, the band? The two of you need to sit down and figure it all out. When you put focus on what’s the most significant to you, you also won’t have to stress about the redundant details.

Picking your own gifts

You have a choice – either you get a bunch of exact same sets of pots and pans or you set up your wedding registry in advance and get various great things. This is very easy to obtain, you just have to go online and complete the registry form, giving all the details necessary. You can do it months before the wedding, but it’s set up within 48 hours.

Credit card with a rewards program

There’s an option to sign up for a credit card with a rewards program and you can take advantage of the high cost of weddings. You can get airline miles or amazing shopping deals, but whatever you can choose, it’s great! You can accumulate thousands of rewards points if you consolidate the wedding-related purchases to this card. This is something you can use for your honeymoon!  

The guest list

If you want to trim your wedding budget, lighten your guest list by not inviting every single person you know. Send the invitation to those who really matter to you and your future spouse, someone who really deserves to be there on your big day. Since you’ll spend a lot on food and drinks, imagine how much you can save by cutting this list. If you have to spend $100 per person, not including a group of ten people saves you $1000!

Prepare for rejection

And of course, there will always be those who won’t be able to attend out of different reasons. Prepare for rejection and don’t feel sad if someone tells you they’re not coming. The reason can be the location of the wedding or simply the timing of the event. This should not spoil your big day at all, you just need to realize that it’s nothing personal. 

Excellent organization

Lastly, what you need is not just good but excellent organization! You need to figure it all out in your head, and then even write everything down if that’s going to be easier for you! The vendors, the meetings, the emails you have to send, picking things with your significant other – all of this needs to be well-organized from the beginning. 

Even though wedding planning can be burdening and extremely demanding, you can make it more enjoyable if you pay attention to these several things. Follow these pieces of advice and team up with your partner, and you will delight in planning your wedding more than anything else!


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